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Former Google exec exposes Silicon Valley hypocrisy in scathing essay! 8
New study finds that humans are getting progressively dumber! 9
The Army may have found its next rifle in a Colorado garage! 10
Newfound dwarf planet may lead to mysterious Planet Nine! 20
Astronomer warns that Earth could be crushed by particle accelerator! 16
Vaccines kill billboard put up by parents who claim their son died from a vaccination! 21
Scientists gave octopi ecstasy for the first time and the results were profound! 26
Chevy Chase rips Saturday Night Live as the worst humor in the world! 31
Judge calls out Obama nonsense! 43
Belongings of missing WikiLeaks associate found in sea off Norway! 43
Giraffes and elephants wander about in the snow after freak blizzards hit Africa! 45
Scientists reveal technique to make unlimited renewable energy! 64
FDA approves first FPSA trial on magic mushrooms as depression treatment! 42
Commentary: Why you should forget school and let children play! 41
Scientists say Great Pyramid of Giza can focus pockets of energy in its chamber! 57
Investigative journalist found dead after reporting Bill Clinton to FBI for raping boy! 66
DNC serves WikiLeaks with lawsuit via Twitter! 74
Can the FPSA keep lying about Israel’s nukes? 74
NASA astronaut reveals spotting alien-like object floating near him in space! 102
Kalifornia girl says hero postal worker rescued her from world of sex trafficking! 88
British Special Forces test out Boba Fett combat helmet! 97
ObamaCare is now optional! 109
Commentary: CIA/FBI/DOJ plot to overthrow the president of the FPSA! 101
Liquid water lake discovered on Mars! 104
Trump could face same fate as JFK because he is ruining the elites! 102
11-year-old boy graduates from college and still plans to continue his education! 83
Radiation traces from Fukushima nuclear disaster found in Kalifornia wine! 84
Air Force base defends replacing Bible with generic book of faith! 93
Russian warship carrying £100 billion worth of gold found off South Korea! 96
Russia liquidates its FPSA Treasury holdings! 91
New fissure near Yellowstone supervolcano causes Teton National Park closure! 83
Stolen plutonium still missing after more than a year! 70
Lawsuits claim MGM has no liability to Las Vegas shooting victims! 67
Three cybersecurity tips from a white hat hacker! 84
Commentary: Taxes are the price we pay to live in a civilized society… or are they? 73
AI-powered robot learns new skills in the same way as humans! 93
Smart technology sees through walls to track and identify people! 83
Seattle enacts ridiculous ban on plastic straws and utensils! 121
New cloaking technique lets light pass right on through! 97
Man arrested after threatening to kill Sen. Rand Paul and his family with an axe! 92
Senator Rand Paul files civil suit against neighbor who tackled him! 112
Koko, the cat-loving gorilla who learned sign language, dies at 46! 124
Supercomputer can calculate in a second what would take you six billion years! 113
Sailor pardoned by Trump is suing Obama and Comey for selective prosecution! 129
Volcanic eruption kills at least 25 in Guatemala! 124
Simon Cowell reveals he hasn't touched his mobile phone in 10 months! 126
The world's oldest cat just celebrated his 30th birthday! 135
How to obtain a second passport! 121
FPSA aircraft carrier was stalked for days by a UFO traveling at ballistic missile speed! 122
Why the mantra “safety first” is the stuff of idiocy! 153
Judge evicts unemployed millennial 30-year-old son from the family home! 139
Good guy with a gun stops mass shooting! 167
Here is how the fascist government will calm the public if a nuclear attack occurs! 144
Commentary: You think it’s all about guns? 119
Turkey repatriates all gold from the FPSA in attempt to ditch the dollar! 106
Man didn’t wait for the government to restore power but did it himself! 116
New chemical compound stops common cold in its tracks! 138
USDA caught murdering hundreds of kittens in incineration ovens! 103
Stunning finding reveals autism is highest in areas with the highest vaccination rates! 114
Boy Scouts are dropping the word “Boy” from flagship program! 141
Idaho university lost enough weapons-grade plutonium to make a dirty bomb! 83
Deranged John McCain urges for cyberwar with Russia! 95
Human clone fears as Euro scientists create life from nothing! 116
FPSA making nonlethal ray gun to stop vehicles! 104
Scientists say Earth's magnetic field isn't about to flip! 144
Trump delays release of some JFK files! 93
Commentary: Why a bar can boot Trump supporters but a baker cannot deny gays! 134
Families of victims file petition to re-open 9/11 investigation! 120
Government accidentally sends file to journalist on mind control methods! 154
Facebook will force all users to accept being tracked around the Internet! 104
General principles found to speed up the hunt for better superconductors! 102
Accused Florida shooter makes surprising announcement! 114
Pennsylvania teachers given baseball bats to use to fight shooters! 92
Protesters proved that armed Amerikans can take on the government and win! 185
Buzz Aldrin passes lie detector test revealing truth about aliens! 128
Life or death preparation for supervolcano emergency underway! 172
Incredible moment tourist is left frozen in fear as cheetah leaps inside his safari jeep! 169
Two pilots report seeing UFO in southern Arizona skies! 182
The happiest teens use smartphones and digital media less than an hour a day! 201
DC officials flock to doomsday camps! 219
74% of Amerikans believe the Deep State is running the country! 209
Yellowstone supervolcano fears escalate! 172
Three places preppers would never think to scrounge for survival supplies! 184
Liberal celebrity leaving FPSA because of Trump! 163
The world's top tax havens! 140
Hillary’s scary fall down the stairs - twice! 187
Former Pentagon insider says FPSA government is ignoring UFO sightings! 165
Expert warns of terrifying potential of digitally altered video! 159
CIA whistleblower exposes Clinton Foundation as global criminal syndicate! 183
Stephen Hawking talks about no clear Big Bang and no boundary to space-time! 228
Moon to get first mobile phone network! 209
Clinton pal faces jail over illegal immigrant harboring! 209
Monica Lewinsky breaks her silence on Bill Clinton gross abuse! 194
Longer winters are coming that will blunt global warming for 50 years! 218
2,000 planets detected outside Milky Way Galaxy! 229
A human fossil has just been confirmed as the oldest found outside of Africa! 232
Mount Mayon volcano alert level raised! 223
FPSA government caught experimenting with radiation on hundreds of pregnant women! 299
Experts warn that strong earthquakes may be foreshocks for something larger! 266
Black ops contractor reveals CIA blew up OKC building! 322
Fossilized skull reveals when the last Siberian unicorn lived on Earth! 227
Two-layer graphene becomes a diamond-hard material on impact! 269
Scientists capture mysterious hum from deep inside the Earth! 228
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is seriously considering running for president! 232
Asgardia becomes the first nation to have all of its territory in outer space! 275
Feds steal billions in Bitcoin and imprison man for life for building website to use it! 211
Skull and Bones member writes book about Skull and Bones! 250
Note found in 18th Century Jesus statue may be a time capsule written 300 years ago! 277
There have been 698 earthquakes in Kalifornia within the past 30 days! 256
Commentary: Dropping traffic rules and signs would make us safer! 199
Are magic mushrooms next to be decriminalized in Kalifornia? 224
What is two-factor authentication and why you should use it! 229
Fireball footage captured by ISS astronaut claims NASA is hiding evidence of ET! 207
World’s first space nation takes flight as 200,000 people prepare for futuristic life! 235
Top FPSA Air Force general says he won't obey illegal orders! 189
Mystery blasts rattling the globe! 202
When AI rules one rogue programmer could end the human race! 188
300,000-year-old skulls that look like ours could rewrite human origin story! 195
Commentary: Media suggest Senator Rand Paul deserved to be attacked! 194
Steven Spielberg’s latest film has journalists fighting the government! 199
Water data promises to make every drop of water in Kalifornia a source of conflict! 226
Fusing heavy quarks can produce 10 times more energy than nuclear fusion! 196
CIA poisoned entire town with LSD in massive mind-control experiment! 243
How the CIA found Hitler alive in Colombia in 1954! 255
Trump blocks full release of JFK records after last minute CIA push! 245
Ancient Amazonians vow to fight mining companies planning to destroy their homes! 278
Oscar-winning director suggests cover-up of widespread pedophilia! 243
Boston marathon bomber’s aunt says FBI set up her nephew and she has proof! 281
Hundreds of ancient structures found on edge of volcanoes in Saudi Arabia! 209
AI implants will allow us to control our homes with our thoughts within 20 years! 216
Magic mushrooms may reset the brains of depressed patients! 228
Five people you won’t believe worked for the CIA! 215
The Satanic Temple is supporting LGBTQ and abortion advocates! 246
The dawning of Roy Moore libertarianism! 266
Commentary: Remember Chile before agreeing to gun control! 216
Scientists claim to have proof that time travel exists! 215
Smart devices are listening to and saving everything you say! 214
FBI director warns terrorist groups could soon launch a drone attack against FPSA! 233
Volcanic eruption in Vanuatu forces at least 6,000 people to evacuate Ambae island! 227
Trump to release secret JFK assassination info? 266
35,000 flee amid fears of volcano eruption in Bali! 256
Landmark study establishes link between the aluminum in most vaccines and autism! 253
Netflix exposes extreme police corruption on coerced confessions! 254
State votes to demand Congress remove cannabis as Schedule I drug! 237
CIA files on Lee Harvey Oswald set to be released in October have gone missing! 246
New handheld pen allows surgeons to detect cancer in 10 seconds! 231
Geologists warn NASA not to mess with Yellowstone supervolcano! 267
Saudi Arabian “honesty” app takes Internet by storm! 273
Commentary: Artificial intelligence poses no greater risk than government! 242
Physicists just achieved quantum teleportation underwater! 248
Scientists remotely hack a brain and control body movements! 279
Foreigners bought $18.7 billion worth of houses in Texas in 12 months! 264
Ancient Egypt was once ruled by a giant pharaoh! 287
World’s leading physicist says quantum computers are tools of destruction! 276
Breakthrough penny-sized nanochip pad is able to regrow organs and heal injuries! 264
Commentary: Russian sanctions is monument to Washington criminality! 230
Commentary: Trump’s rejection of a tyrannical system! 324
Ex-NFL star Marvin Washington files marijuana lawsuit against Jeff Sessions 296
Disney’s next movie could be watching you! 292
New study shows homeschooling is booming! 315
Scientists discover "angel particle" that is its own antiparticle! 283
Dubai flying taxis are here! 245
Mercury and autism relationship confirmed in longitudinal study! 233
Why and how to get a second passport! 435
The Large Hadron Collider just detected a new particle that's heavier than a proton! 234
Sun on brink of plunging into deep solar minimum! 216
How many solar panels and batteries do you need to run your home? 270
Scientists teleport photon from Earth to orbit! 230
Norway voluntary tax plan brings in just $1,325! 225
Earthquake and aftershocks rattle western Montana! 217
Climate change expert data exposed as fraudulent in court! 284
Armed 11-year-old boy saves fishing party from charging bear! 272
Law abiding Citizens have more than 600 million firearms in Amerika! 225
Commentary: Future generations cannot pay current generation debt! 273
Scientists discover new form of carbon that is rock hard but stretches like rubber! 217
The Drone Federalism Act would shift regulation to state and local governments! 231
The first space-based nation wants to store data off-planet and beyond the law! 238
Nearly one-quarter of infections are now untreatable with first line antibiotics! 261
Gold backed currency launches in Dubai! 284
Study finds 100-year-old drug reverses autism symptoms in children! 287
What is the best location for a cache on your property? 436
Seniors are buying tiny homes to live off-grid in their golden years! 280
Plasma jet engines might soon take us from Earth to space! 298
Commentary: Is school driving children literally crazy? 289
Fossils suggest a mysterious human species lived alongside our ancestors! 284
Wormhole created in a lab! 243
WikiLeaks publishes secret CIA tools that attacked computers inside offices! 320
Scientists warn that deadly ancient pathogens could wipe out all humans! 264
DNC just admitted it had the legal right to rig the 2016 primaries! 358
Outside the Fascist Police States of Amerika is terrifying (according to the government)! 352
Hannity tells staff he’s not leaving! 325
The FUK just switched on an ambitious fusion reactor - and it works! 327
Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity face uncertain futures! 347
Major power outages cause chaos in New York and San Francisco! 274
International Church of Cannabis opens on 4/20 in Colorado! 291
Scientists invent device that can literally read your mind! 261
Google AI experiment may lead to robots that can learn without human input! 229
Chinese media almost starts a war with erroneous North Korea headline! 263
NASA is working on a vacuum airship for Mars missions! 277
Turkey to confiscate gold in a new clever way! 310
Texas death row inmate loses appeal seeking new DNA testing! 303
Atmosphere found around Earth-sized planet! 276
Parents set to world school their two daughters! 261
The inconvenient sayings of Jesus! 322
Southern Kalifornia Edison to bring on line 50 MW Tesla Powerpack 2 systems! 310
Jared Kushner arrives in Iraq with Joint Chiefs chairman for visit! 266
Russia prepares for split with global banking cartel by dumping FPSA dollar! 261
Prospects for life in Solar system are good! 263
Doctors gave boy 3 days to live and then his mom gave him cannabis and he recovered! 250
Scientists invent oxygen particle that allows you to live without breathing! 230
Scientists hack a human cell and reprogram it like a computer! 273
Age-reversing pill will begin human trials within six months! 277
Hyperloop tech company offers first look at futuristic travel pods! 261
Commentary: The collapse of trust in the West! 267
An Amerikan concentration camp so horrific it was erased from history! 253
Solar powered handheld vessel can turn hot air into cool drinking water! 289
Lonely man who amassed six-ton pile of porn died when it collapsed on top of him! 361
Commentary: Should governments even try to solve problems? 374
Seven Earth-size planets were just found orbiting a nearby star! 364
Milo Yiannopoulos resigns from Breitbart! 292
New study finds most government workers could be replaced by robots! 353
Commentary: Amerika please stop intervening in our affairs! 360
Army drone goes missing in Arizona! 368
Who funded the “protesters” at UC Berkeley? 353
Scientists have turned cooking oil into a material 200 times stronger than steel! 368
Commentary: Post-election thoughts! 402
Terminally ill teen uses stun gun on cop sergeant as part of final wish! 366
Scientists have unlocked the code that turns genes on and off! 288
Former House Speaker says child he raped should pay back hush money! 319
Commentary: I’m not a terrible person, I just believe in freedom! 344
Organisms created with synthetic DNA pave way for entirely new life forms! 356
Limo destroyed by anti-Trump rioters in DC belongs to Muslim immigrant! 280
Trump federal hiring freeze draws immediate fire from unions! 281
Scientists now warn of a new Ice Age! 343
Hero journalist who exposed CIA infiltration and manipulation of media found dead! 317
Obama makes incredible admission about WikiLeaks in final press conference! 353
Obama leaves FPSA $9,335,000,000,000 deeper in debt! 349
Scientists can now grow a beating human heart from stem cells! 300
Cannabis coffee pods to hit markets in March 2017! 423
Russian consul in Athens found dead! 477
Commentary: Teacher explains why schools don't produce well-educated minds! 348
The dawn of colossal spacecraft may be nearer than you think! 387
Faraday claims Tesla-beating supercar! 389
Rapper’s prison cookbook is so good it is being banned from prisons! 393
Commentary: Why Amerikans are getting dumber and how to fix it! 282
Commentary: Centralized control, power and money are the problem! 319
Swiss say goodbye to banking secrecy! 294
AI’s creepy control must be open to inspection! 454
Ebola vaccine proves 100% effective in final trials! 264
4.0 GPA college student drops out and shares his mind-blowing reasons! 419
Thousands of JFK assassination files to be released! 239
Saddam Hussein’s CIA interrogator said he tried to warn us but we didn’t listen! 297
China tycoon moves jobs to FPSA citing high taxes at home! 302
Commentary: Absolutely abolish the EPA! 348
Are aliens trying to contact Earth? 340
This robotic suit wants to make your grandparents superpowered! 330
Sahara desert sees snow for the first time in 37 years! 323
Treasure hunter to remain in jail until he tells FBI where he hid 3 tons of gold! 326
Erdogan demands Turks exchange their dollars to gold and lira! 313
Man cured of prostate cancer after doctors shock tumor to death with testosterone! 324
First paralyzed human treated with stem cells regains upper body movement! 399
Russia is developing a mega-rocket and will build a base on the Moon 329
NASA X-ray tech could enable superfast communication in deep space! 392
Harvard professor wants to legalize all drugs! 388
Delete yourself from the Internet by pressing this button! 340
Media blackout as millions of Muslims march against ISIS in Iraq! 451
Experts decipher message on jar found where David killed Goliath! 444
Creepy new website makes its monitoring of your online behavior visible! 287
SpaceX wants to launch 4,425 satellites to bring super-fast Internet to the world! 285
Researchers identify antibody that neutralizes 98 percent of HIV strains! 261
Chick-Fil-A makes powerful statement for veterans! 287
Physicists just discovered a second state of liquid water! 404
Hillary Clinton files for divorce! 573
Assisted suicide is now legal in Colorado! 333
Commentary: He won because the elites want him there! 361
Elon Musk says SpaceX finally knows what caused the latest rocket failure! 314
CDC scientist confirms Donald Trump is right about vaccines and autism! 319
Vladimir Putin signs order making Steven Seagal a Russian citizen! 315
Mainstream media silent as CDC documents prove link between autism and vaccination! 320
Commentary: Can the Amerikan people defeat the oligarchy that rules them? 386
Zika virus is harmless! 433
Democrats poison Bundy jury pool with mailers falsely linking him to cop killers! 378
Commentary: The fate of Julian Assange! 419
Emir of Kuwait dissolves Parliament! 311
The gold manipulators will be punished! 365
The first space nation was revealed today and you can sign up to be a citizen! 430
Enough saber rattling already! 365
Commentary: Where not to go when it’s time to bug out and why! 410
Russia and Turkey agree to pipeline deal! 329
Physicists just created the world's first time crystal! 418
Duterte tells Obama to go to hell! 352
Snopes caught lying for Hillary Clinton! 501
Iraq will use September 11 bill to sue FPSA government for 2003 invasion! 356
Man who leaked Clinton medical records latest murder victim of Hillary! 437
Former Israeli president makes shocking death bed confession! 327
Elementary school has children meditate instead of punishing them! 363
The real reason people are voting for Clinton and Trump! 339
Commentary: A conspiracy theory about conspiracy theories! 313
Commentary: Gun control is treason! 325
Could holographic televisions be the next big thing? 402
New surgical dressing designed to stop the clock for battlefield wounds! 329
Amsterdam to pilot world's first self-drive boats! 306
Doctors murdered after discovering cancer enzymes in vaccines! 453
A memory hacker explains how to plant false memories in people’s minds! 351
Dolphins recorded having a conversation just like two people for first time! 383
Next time you buy toothpaste pay attention to this! 383
Meet the space train concept that can get to Mars in 2 days! 422
Commentary: Intelligent parents are refusing vaccinations for their children! 391
Stem cells coaxed into regenerating bone while leaving out tumors! 457
Study suggests dogs know what you're saying! 315
Star in a jar: space-age fusion machine underway! 369
Russians fear doomsday as giant mushroom cloud appears over skies in Siberia! 421
LAX evacuation sparked by actor dressed as Zorro waving a plastic sword! 328
Is Earth being contacted by extraterrestrials 346
Longest living human says he is ready for death at 145! 370
Should we bring the woolly mammoth back to life? 350
Ohio man declared dead comes back to life! 334
This is one of the biggest pending SCOTUS cases you haven’t heard of! 359
Commentary: The impossibility of an informed electorate! 310
Prison stock prices collapse after feds announce end to private prison use! 330
12 incredible stories from Eddie DeBartolo Jr.'s Hall of Fame speech! 352
Germany publishing SS head Himmler’s diary found in Russian archive! 336
AI bots are about to get emotional! 360
FATCA causing more Amerikans than ever to renounce their citizenship! 425
Man levitates on terrifying gasoline-powered flying carpet! 391
Scientist says we may all be living in a computer simulation controlled by an evil genius! 439
Why the FBI let criminal Hillary get away with the email scandal! 454
Commentary: Swapping the roles of cops and military is bad for the Republic! 413
Clint Eastwood calls modern Amerikans a “pussy” generation! 390
Army officer who rescued Jews during Holocaust dies at 99! 353
Special Forces operative reveals Osama bin Laden raid was a huge lie! 498
Lightweight metal foam turns armor-piercing bullets into dust! 305
Rio Olympics 2016 plunged into chaos as IOC ruling on Russia ban delayed! 396
Terrorist cop wrote a Facebook post 2 weeks before he was killed! 391
Canadian oil ghost town is for sale! 402
New IDF chief says soldiers can rape Arab women to boost morale! 335
Solar cell sucks up CO2 and spits out burnable fuel on the other side! 401
28 Pages prove that the FPSA knew Saudis aided 9-11 attackers and covered it up! 324
We might finally have a way to build circuits for quantum computers! 342
China media touts plans to float nuclear reactors in disputed South China Sea! 335
FBI confirms special secrecy agreements for agents in Clinton email probe! 488
NASA shuts down ISS feed as mysterious UFO enters atmosphere! 320
DNC staffer in charge of voter expansion data murdered! 318
Study shows that semen is good for women’s health and helps fight depression! 316
Commentary: From cops to Clinton: impunity corrupts! 412
Anti-gun senator shoots intruder! 312
Hubble captures aurora bigger than Earth swirling at Jupiter's north pole! 446
40-year-old Twinkie still in good shape! 342
Wall Street sings Brexit blues with brutal two-day slide! 346
Commentary: Despite the vote the odds are against Britain leaving the EU! 416
First test for machine that could change the future of particle physics! 425
Professor rejects Marxism after traveling the globe! 388
FPSA Navy discussed plans to fit humans with microchips and track their every move! 442
Robot that can choose to harm humans sparks artificial intelligence debate! 340
Media ignores mass killings of Amerikan Indians in its reporting! 336
Archaeologists unearth tomb of Genghis Khan! 528
North American continent begins cracking in Wyoming east of Yellowstone volcano! 528
Tech firm will transfer human consciousness into robots! 398
Mind-reaching machine could soon turn your secret thoughts into speech! 433
Mystery flying craft seen hovering near FPSA military base! 466
Shape-shifting touch screens can morph on demand! 640
Seven undercover inmates spent 2 months in jail! 371
Scientists find link between dark matter and primordial black holes! 406
Researchers discover new property of light with a twist! 429
You can now sign up to take a driverless car for a spin around London! 350
How schooling leads to war! 399
Man seeks restraining order against God! 381
Doctor Frankenstein is alive and well and working in the FPSA! 428
Someone already born will live to 1,000! 397
Naked restaurant now has a waiting list of 30,000! 405
University of Florida holds first brain-powered drone race! 502
Top secret "28 pages" may hold clues about Saudi support for 9/11 hijackers! 422
Commentary: What if the government followed its own Constitution? 531
A time bomb is hidden beneath the Panama Papers! 390
Tens of thousands in Japan flee in fear of aftershocks and volcanoes! 428
Town converts prison into cannabis growing facility! 379
The mystery of Planet X deepens! 393
Failed Reagan assassin secretly lives in lap of luxury! 432
Truly zero-emissions airplane fueled by nothing but algae and sunlight! 432
Panhandling for justice! 454
Commentary: Is Trump right about NATO? 442
Hidden planet is sitting at the edge of our solar system! 365
Scientists figure out how to upload knowledge to the brain! 458
Commentary: Make sure you’re in a position of strength! 399
Scientists closer to cloning T-Rex after discovering remains of pregnant dinosaur! 466
Indiana Jones will return with Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg in 2019! 400
Commentary: The heart, soul, spine, guts, and cojones of Libertarianism! 511
Scientists develop technique of feeding information directly into your brain! 454
Why is the Dutch central bank suddenly moving its gold? 388
Inside Scalia’s very weird secret hunting society! 475
10 skills that will come in handy when society collapses! 545
Terminator robots that can kill without human orders could become reality in just a few years! 412
Australia scientists develop bionic spine that could help paralyzed patients walk! 501
Commentary: How government buys your support! 538
Commentary: Mandatory depression screening is a depressing thought! 467
Mind-reading computer deciphers words from brainwaves before they are spoken! 474
Chemicals in the water are turning male fish into females! 534
Floppy disks of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry finally yield data! 496
DNA got a child kicked out of school… and it will happen again! 585
Amerika’s largest in the world incarcerated population grew even more last year! 486
The director of Star Wars: Episode IX wants to shoot scenes in outer space! 528
New scientists rediscover Planet X! 572
Charlton Heston's Son, an Oscar voter, criticizes "Orwellian" diversity changes! 447
Electrodes in the brain may make Star Trek-style mind melds a reality! 573
Radical Antipode concept plane that uses rocket boosters revealed! 747
Star Wars: how future world conflicts will be decided in space! 581
Declassified FBI files raise questions about Hitler’s death! 569
New system allows signing notary documents while staying at home! 639
Hawking warns humanity could self-destruct! 481
FAA approves Terrafugia flying car for test flights! 506
Researchers are pretty sure they have found a new planet in the solar system! 481
Swedish family surrounds home with greenhouse to keep it warm! 491
First genetically modified human embryos could be created in Britain within weeks! 666
You can actually duel with these awesome custom lightsabers! 428
Commentary: Corporate media plus government is the real problem! 455
Homemade Death Star works kind of like the real thing! 469
337 dead whales in Chile is worst case ever of mass deaths! 465
China clone factory scientist eyes human replication! 453
You can buy a South Dakota ghost town for $250,000! 468
New Darth Vader pig thug cop uniforms become laughing stock of Internet! 431
World's sexiest robot steals the spotlight at tech show! 434
FPSA threatens China and Russia with nuclear missiles! 476
DNA data from Kalifornia newborns stored and then sold to third parties! 420
Sheriff seizes guns from local residents and sells them! 460
Ninth grader develops $12 machine that produces renewable energy! 421
330,000 cops threaten to hurt film director Quentin Tarantino! 383
The War on Terror is the hoax foundation of the police/spy state! 431
New Star Trek TV series a go at CBS All Access! 461
Greedy Pharma CEO furious after competitor offers alternative $1 AIDS pill! 453
Smoking gun memo changes context of Middle East! 503
Scientists spot new huge energy waves coming out of the Sun! 467
Historic chemistry lab with links to Thomas Jefferson discovered behind wall! 453
Teen’s discovery of skeleton-filled fuselage in jungle could be MH370! 474
Marijuana sales in Oregon break records in first week of legalization! 500
Could Star Trek world with no money work? 482
CIA finally admits covering up JFK assassination! 520
Drone bursts into flames on quiet Hamptons street! 449
Yoko Ono and 2,000 others remember John Lennon's 75th birthday! 470
Native Americans are opening the nation’s first cannabis resort! 413
Google exec says robots in our brains will make us godlike! 445
NASA scientists find evidence of flowing water on Mars! 464
Commentary: Congress and the Fed refuse to learn from their mistakes! 439
Scientists break distance record for quantum teleportation! 445
How we will fly from Los Angeles to Tokyo in 30 minutes! 479
Commentary: 3 Means of waging personal financial revolution against the banksters! 519
First driverless pods to travel public roads arrive in the Netherlands! 427
Guerrilla grafters secretly graft fruit-bearing branches onto San Francisco trees! 428
DARPA taps into the brain to give patients robo-touch and better memory! 445
Commentary: Amerikan police state is rooted in four federal wars! 457
New Kalifornia housing community has its own urban farm! 581
NASA teams up with hoverboard company to build a magnetic tractor beam! 857
Record Fukushima radiation levels found on southern Kalifornia coast! 498
Should Mars be independent or just a colony of Earth? 482
NASA probe spots mysterious object like Star Destroyer on Mars! 553
MIT's new 3D printer can print 10 materials simultaneously! 443
Federal government to return millions of dollars in seized Liberty Dollars! 765
Epidemic of sea mammal deaths explodes as radiation contaminates the earth! 585
The movie director behind “Jurassic World” is making “Star Wars: Episode IX”! 545
Will the large Hadron Collider open up a portal to another dimension? 548
New rocket drive works and could get to Moon in four hours! 543
Commentary: Official 9/11 cover-up revealed by former NSA director! 550
The plan to beam the Web to 3 billion unconnected humans! 586
This idyllic valley in Switzerland could soon change the world! 561
Hedge funds net-short gold for first time in history! 519
Terrafugia unveils new design for TF-X autonomous flying car! 670
Scientists can now control mice brains wirelessly! 521
Commentary: Safety and civil liberties: is corporate clout calling the shots? 546
Scientists uncover shocking discovery underneath the Easter Island heads! 477
Commentary: Are big banks using derivatives to suppress bullion prices? 579
The key to awesome future robots could be seahorse tails! 511
DARPA wants to turn Mars into Earth with designer organisms! 531
ESA successfully tests 3D printed thruster! 579
Sixth mass extinction is here! 921
Delaware is 18th state to allow possession of recreational marijuana! 601
Russia calls for investigation into whether FPSA moon landings happened! 631
Commentary: Starvation is the price Greeks will pay for remaining in the EU! 663
9-year-old builds tiny homes for the homeless! 559
Overstock to offer 25 million dollar corporate bond as the world’s first crypto security! 626
Company launches mood-changing wearable that zaps brains! 472
Trendies ready for ultimate wearable chip implanted in their skin! 653
How the digital age is really affecting our brains! 588
14 years after decriminalizing all drugs, here's what Portugal looks like! 612
Illuminati launches recruitment website and PR campaign! 547
Commentary: The philosophy of liberty transcends political labels! 638
Commentary: Libertarians should hope for Clinton versus Bush in 2016! 582
What people who worked on Google Glass think of Microsoft's crazy new holographic computer! 581
Steven Spielberg's Amblin adapting classic novel Brave New World! 570
Building work starts on first all-robot manufacturing plant in China’s Dongguan! 578
Italian Army is growing country’s first marijuana crop! 527
NuSTAR captures mysterious high-energy X-ray glow from the center of the Milky Way! 556
Commentary: Amerikan cops are upgraded slave patrols! 638
Most comprehensive map of the universe yet could pinpoint dark matter! 724
The mystery of the female orgasm explained with science! 581
Scientists create cheaper magnetic material for cars and wind turbines! 522
Curious whale inspects underwater robot! 570
Judge gives chimpanzees human rights for the first time! 608
The futuristic Chevrolet FNR concept is impossible to describe! 516
New device combines the advantages of batteries and supercapacitors! 581
Researchers believe everlasting youth is coming! 561
Mini to offer augmented reality eyewear for drivers! 571
Tesla's new gigafactory will highlight the two biggest labor trends in Amerika! 516
Doctors will map newborn genes to predict future diseases! 540
DARPA wants to make software obsolescence obsolete! 529
Unbelievable shot shows lion milliseconds from attacking photographer! 524
Laser chip could turn smart phones into handheld 3D scanners! 600
A Navy diving suit that recycles wasted oxygen and helium! 554
Freedom Cove is an off the grid roathouse and garden paradise! 553
TV ads are about to start watching you! 565
Eugenicist to replace Jackson on $20 bill? 523
A short history test! 690
Commentary: The future of AI is scary and very bad for people! 543
Fighting the War on Terror by banning cash! 555
Commentary: Cold War II: This time the Commies are in Washington! 671
Clinton Foundation’s deep financial ties to Ukrainian oligarch revealed! 578
A clever way to tell which of your emails are being tracked! 535
Solar powered membrane separates water into hydrogen and oxygen without exploding! 511
New optical fiber material could pave the way for computers that think! 502
Neptune Suite shows a taste of what computing should be in 2025! 513
The West's plan to drop Russia from SWIFT backfires! 489
Amerikans say government is the number one problem in the country! 552
Innocence is not enough to get you out of prison! 622
Documents shine light on shadowy New Zealand surveillance base! 500
Mystery noise could be an Earth-like world! 509
Arkansas representative dodges blame for giving his adopted daughters to a rapist! 449
Masked card lets online shoppers pay anywhere with bitcoin! 475
Bryan Singer tackling libertarian revolution classic The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress! 474
Fluoride in drinking water may trigger depression and weight gain! 506
Commentary: An open letter to politicians in Nebraska and Oklahoma! 458
Keep the NSA out of your email and avoid unwarranted NSA surveillance! 482
Strange show spotted high above Mars surface remains mysterious! 509
Gentleman philosopher sows confusion with billboard interpretation of gun law! 833
Silk Road trial is proof that bitcoin is not and has never been anonymous! 512
Give a cop the Constitution! 660
FAA wants to regulate business on the moon! 537
Texas schoolchildren ordered to drop pants for poop inspection! 617
An underwater volcano just created a new island! 535
Teenager creates an app that exposes sellout politicians! 533
New form of ID allows you to be a citizen of the world! 579
Scientists say there are at least two more planets beyond Pluto! 579
AI has arrived and that really worries the world’s brightest minds! 675
Surveillance detection for Android phones! 554
Google Translate app now translates street signs and real-time conversations! 550
Meet KeySweeper, the $10 USB charger that steals MS keyboard strokes! 1630
Protecting yourself from harmful smart meter radiation! 651
Commentary: The problem with the police! 594
Commentary: The profit-making proponent of endless war! 523
Commentary: Amerika has a rotten government! 646
Oklahoma bill would ban alcohol purchases for drivers convicted of DUI! 775
How to discover everything Facebook knows about you! 558
Graffiti of angel pointing gun at terrorist pig thug cops investigated! 620
Stanford researchers may have found the cure to Alzheimer’s disease! 550
Internet showers homeless man with over $100,000! 557
Your all-electric car may not be so green! 654
Flying car is real and it can fly 430 miles on a full tank of fuel! 475
Commentary: There simply are no good cops anymore! 494
The new normal: protect cops and kill civilians! 546
Mysterious field of electrical energy outside Google office in London! 531
James Cameron explains just how epic the next three Avatar movies will be! 586
Man says PETA stole his family dog from porch and murdered her! 841
European scientists make space history by successfully landing probe on a comet! 733
Commentary: Do Muslims have the right to armed self-defense? 821
Commentary: The law is just a bunch of words on a page! 893
A little ingenuity renders “high capacity” magazine ban toothless! 554
Commentary: Anarchy: A Moral Imperative! 612
Retail stores now using robots instead of human workers! 672
Commentary: National service is anti-liberty and un-Amerikan! 772
Inside the cruise ship quarantined over Ebola fear! 846
Earth magnetic field could flip faster than we thought! 755
Security experts build inexpensive safecracker! 525
With Anonabox you can anonymize everything you do online! 609
NASA scientists puzzled by global cooling on land and sea! 566
Oxygen absorbing material may allow us to breathe underwater! 572
Commentary: What happens when all the cops in a town are removed! 733
Scientists unveil invisibility cloak! 585
Schools knew about complaints against pervert teacher for years but did nothing! 527
Hull-clinging robots could perform secret searches of boats! 575
Commentary: Wake up, Amerika: It's time to properly debate our endless war in the Middle East! 790
Apple will no longer unlock most iPhones and iPads for cops! 577
French cops find 9 pounds of cocaine in a Vatican car! 523
County sells injured mom’s home over one tax bill and will keep extra $80,000 profit! 560
Flight 17 likely downed by outside impacts! 619
Five things our parents did that would get them arrested today! 554
Bush legal memos say president can order wiretaps of Amerikans! 599
Commentary: Offering plea bargains is actually a horrible government practice! 616
Scientists grow fully functioning organ inside a mouse from scratch! 590
Fermilab experiment will attempt to answer whether we actually live in The Matrix! 651
Survey shows Amerikans have little confidence or trust in cops! 604
Astronauts just found life in outer space and scientists aren't sure how it got there! 562
Major Star Wars villain may return in Episode VII! 565
Experimental FPSA hypersonic weapon explodes during test flight! 579
Cops draw guns on mother and young children! 521
County refuses to pay medical bills for toddler burned by grenade in botched raid! 559
New Hampshire declares state of emergency over poisonous synthetic pot! 487
Possible villains in Star Wars: Episode VII! 560
By 2025 sexbots will be commonplace! 588
Cop reinstated with back pay after throwing grenade at bystanders! 598
Outlaw city official defy grand jury on Red light cameras! 567
New wrist-mounted semi-automatic crossbow! 609
The real reason pot is still illegal! 555
Sheriff sends bill to Mexican president for illegals in his jail! 579
NYPD is running license plates and collecting DNA without warrants! 559
Outlaw FPSA government pulls foreign aid to El Salvador for refusing Monsanto seeds! 586
Wealthy facing max fine of nearly $2,500 for not having insurance! 566
Commentary: Rebels will inherit the Earth! 679
Commentary: Tolerating government is not a virtue! 566
Making no-knock raids ineffective through innovation! 593
Elephant was held in chains and tortured for fifty years! 837
New invisibility cloak keeps objects from being felt! 624
Pig thug cops confiscate weapons from Pastafarian! 706
New leaks show Germany collusion with NSA! 701
Loving father broke the law to ensure his daughter’s murderer was caught! 907
Signal jamming cloak keeps you hidden from electronic spying! 679
Lions and tigers and bears oh my! 945
Commentary: The war for Amerikan freedom has started! 710
Just shoot: The mindset responsible for turning SWAT teams into death squads! 750
Google produces a virtual cube that plays video on all 6 sides! 986
It is legal to buy a tank and a bunch just came up for sale! 583
Seattle terrorist cops file lawsuit challenging federal restrictions on use of force! 664
New super-heavy Element 117 confirmed by scientists! 592
Commentary: Memorial Day and the meaning of freedom! 662
Iran billionaire executed over $2.6 billion bank fraud! 625
Skinny wormholes could allow us to communicate across time! 560
Scientists figure out how to turn light into matter! 645
Scientists create bizarre human/animal hybrids! 592
Russian proton rocket explodes in upper atmosphere! 833
New study shows that fluoride use may lead to kidney stones! 600
Tractor beams demonstrated! 744
In Denmark nothing says EU elections like group sex and random beheadings! 704
Scientists engineer mutant DNA into living creatures! 599
Russia to build super-rocket in hopes of getting to Mars by 2030! 645
The cast of Star Wars: Episode VII has been announced! 684
Princeton study says FPSA is now an oligarchy! 676
Commentary: The Prelude to the End of the Amerikan Era! 598
Commentary: Obama plays with fire in Ukraine! 874
Commentary: Imagine the Bundy Ranch showdown with well regulated militias! 687
Salt water plus graphene equals ecological electricity! 558
Spider Man fan built his own webshooting gloves! 547
Dog filmed calmly playing with children after cop shoots himself trying to kill it! 844
Commentary: Secession movements around the world! 561
Deadly SARS-like virus strikes Middle East! 555
Commentary: The regime doesn’t handle defeat gracefully! 579
Commentary: Real Amerikans are ready to snap! 571
Saturn Moon Enceladus is now a top candidate for life! 565
Earthquakes in Chile and Los Angeles raise fears about Ring of Fire! 591
After seven years exactly one person has gotten off the government no-fly list! 535
Obama most expensive president in history through five years! 766
White House and media attack Drudge for paying Obamacare opt-out Liberty Tax! 516
Commentary: Kill The Precedent! 585
Drowning man prepares to sue his rescuers! 629
Israel’s commercial jets will soon be firing lasers! 596
Congressman calls to ban U.S. dollar in response to plea for Bitcoin ban! 532
Russia threatens to abandon FPSA dollar and dump FPSA debt! 528
Terrorist Border Patrol agents justify murder of innocent children! 550
Is everything in mainstream media fake? 574
Commentary: Vigilantes with a Badge: The War Against the American People! 654
New York McDonald’s fires 8-year worker for donating food to firefighters! 566
Terrorist pig thug cops arrest woman for failing to return 9-year-overdue video! 516
FUK terrorist authorities grill Edward Snowden’s lawyer at Heathrow Airport! 558
Brazil rations water in 140 cities amid worst drought in decades! 545
Victim of terrorist pig thug cop riot is vindicated! 633
Super Bowl XLVIII may have been rigged! 538
School ditches rules and loses bullies! 569
Mysterious Mars rock looks like jelly donut! 609
Carrie Fisher will be Princess Leia in the next Star Wars movie! 604
The outrage of the Kelly Thomas murderous cops acquittal! 545
Facebook adds new gender identity options for confused or stupid users! 561
Terrorist cops fight for first rule of policing! 628
Elderly man’s home heading to tax sale after being stolen by the State! 602
The cyborg era has started! 621
Commentary: Total privacy equals total destruction of the State! 629
Bill Nye to visit Creation Museum for debate! 591
Commentary: Can parents save their children by leaving the FPSA? 609
The New Year brings new meaning to flashing lights! 645
Scientists successfully reverse aging in mice! 624
Do not let other countries declare war for Amerika! 579
Ritalin may cause extended erections in children! 552
Your tax dollars still at work! 663
Tourist trips to the Moon by 2043? 894
NASA Mars rover finds evidence of life-friendly ancient lake! 671
Privately owned prisons suing states over lack of prisoners! 562
Ron Paul says Bitcoin could destroy the dollar! 600
New product shuts off car engines with a radio pulse! 803
New type of quasar found that baffles scientists! 809
The reason terrorist pig thug cop brutality is rising! 899
Counter insurgency warfare infects low crime regions! 624
TSA thug officer bled to death for 33 minutes at scene of LAX shooting! 837
Tina Turner formally relinquishes FPSA citizenship! 675
Gummy Bears, pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are made out of people! 795
Guy Fawkes: History of a revolutionary! 608
Quantum “sealed envelope” system enables perfectly secure information storage! 886
New research shows that marijuana compounds fight cancer! 836
Schools have rules: drunk and stupid edition! 891
Dangerous levels of radioactivity found at fracking waste site in Pennsylvania! 685
Commentary: The police state of Amerika! 998
Matchstick-sized sensor can record your private chats! 752
GPS nearly leads trucker over a cliff and into Utah canyon! 1168
Voyager 1 has left the solar system! 1133
Terrorist Syria rebels were armed and trained by the CIA! 1039
Stream of refugees out of Syria passes 2 million mark! 758
Snowden wins whistleblower award! 734
The unalienable right to fly! 733
Was a rogue Syrian officer responsible for chemical weapons attack? 801
Doctor claims new medical breakthrough allows corpses to be revived within a day of being dead! 1335
Greek community creates an off-the-grid Internet! 730
Israel to stop putting fluoride into water! 775
The Internet, secrecy and spying! 678
Terrorist cops warn that if you call 911 you will get evicted under nuisance laws! 676
Deputy sues woman for mental anguish after he murders her son-in-law! 680
Associated Press caught lying about global warming with deceptive photo and caption! 739
New fraud evidence shows trillions in mortgages have no owner! 683
Commentary: Government denial! 723
The FBI can turn on your smart phone mic and listen to you! 588
Commentary: The police state mindset in our public schools! 672
Marijuana relieves 6-year-old of epileptic seizures! 930
400 FPSA surface-to-air missiles went missing in Benghazi! 628
Stop sign camera spotted in the District! 597
Study finds vast online marketplace for guns without background checks! 688
Armed terrorist pig thug agents raid animal shelter for baby deer! 563
Kid Rock says he won't hesitate to shoot intruders! 677
FPSA on track to become new U.S.S.R.! 665
Uruguay to legalize marijuana! 694
The 4.1 million dollar accident that can never happen! 661
Brave new world of biometric identification! 586
Massive solar flare narrowly misses Earth! 719
Commentary: The fascist’s guide to business success! 712
Assault and robbery investigated as hate crime! 672
The chilling effects of license plate location tracking! 605
Minnesota town has 4-year-old boy as mayor! 665
Army scientists secretly sprayed St. Louis with radioactive particles! 684
Intelligent knife tells surgeon which tissue is cancerous! 623
IRS incompetence exposes thousands of SSNs! 601
Commentary: Democracy: The Enemy of Freedom! 687
Voyager 1 discovers bizarre and baffling region at edge of solar system! 697
Could an X-ray death ray really work? 777
TV station finds drone hovering over central Florida! 631
Obama's popularity plunges amid controversy! 768
Doctors dump health insurance plans and charge patients less! 725
Sales of George Orwell's 1984 have surged 6884 percent in the last 24 hours! 846
How to hide your digital communications from Big Brother! 918
The 25 rules of disinformation! 1004
Chemist invents bulletproof paint from rice husks! 807
Israeli motorists shocked when Nazi flag seen flying near Palestinian mosque! 702
Father of ADHD says disorder doesn’t exist! 741
Cold fusion reactor independently verified! 706
Crews race to find survivors of deadly Oklahoma twister! 734
Climate slowdown means extreme rates of warming not as likely! 708
Abortionists starting to panic! 770
Los Alamos lab has had secret quantum Internet for two years! 672
Killer robots condemned in new UN report! 813
A glimpse of tomorrow’s weapons! 886
Tiny device will detect domestic drones! 766
The City of Oslo is running out of garbage! 660
Supreme Court says states may bar information requests from nonresidents! 741
EPA new safe radiation level threatens public health! 695
Reps challenge DHS ammo buys! 703
Alleged evidence of Syria chemical weapons use not up to UN standard! 628
Student fights to wear “Support Our Troops” T-shirt on military base! 727
Commentary: Has Watertown made warrantless searches the new normal? 606
Second child of Christian couple dies after parents only offer prayers for his recovery! 705
13 corrections officers indicted and accused of aiding gang drug scheme! 628
New virus may be planting child porn to set up people as pedophiles! 682
IRS to close for 5 days due to furloughs! 657
Yellowstone volcano bigger than thought! 573
Professor arrested for profane tirade against pro-life students! 690
Commentary: Should silence convict? 664
Government murdered 10,000 during Prohibition by poisoning alcohol! 646
Tasered man who caught fire can pursue claims! 655
Judge reverses suspensions of 2 prosecutors! 610
Fascist city bills cyclist for damage to pig thug cop car that struck him! 688
Zoo to build power plant that uses panda poop to produce electricity! 667
The rain tax! 703
A Hopi elder speaks: The moment has come! 636
McDonalds want ad demands bachelor's degree for cashier! 677
Dodgeball now banned in public schools as nanny state goes insane! 855
Water prank may land radio show hosts in jail! 660
Officials advised not to discuss findings concerning BP oil spill! 589
Outlaw Amerikans scam taxpayers! 680
Cash strapped states eye pot tax! 695
Web slows under biggest attack ever! 784
Store charges customers for just looking! 652
Georgia Senate passes resolution to move state line! 550
Federal lawsuit filed against Amerikan Gestapo for removal of Indian children from their homes! 822
North Dakota passes slew of pro-life bills! 677
Commentary: Who will protect us from our own government? 687
Obama couldn’t eat at Hill meeting without food taster! 651
CVS asks workers to submit to medical screening! 678
 CIA to sign $600 million deal with Amazon! 695
Dirty blizzard in Gulf of Mexico accounts for missing Deepwater Horizon oil! 559
Jury convicts ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick of corruption and sends him to jail! 678
Woman accused by fascist pig thug cops of exposing breasts at cameras! 776
Commentary: Who speaks now for the GOP? 762
Private prisons make money by incarcerating Amerikans! 646
Only 3 out of every 10 Amerikans trust the government! 640
Handling defeat: Mitt Romney vs. Ron Paul! 654
State's main witness in George Zimmerman murder case lied! 673
American teenager designs compact nuclear reactor! 693
Tiny solar activity changes affect Earth's climate! 575
Gun law bans high capacity ammo for cops! 657
Four of last seven Illinois Governors went to prison! 595
How to evade privacy invasion and stay anonymous online! 724
NASA sees monster sunspot growing fast! 656
What Amerikans believe: Iran war propaganda! 954
Woman survived Hitler and wants to warn Amerika! 702
Light accelerated to near infinite speed in physics lab! 629
New bank has no branches, just an app! 591
Chinese millionaire is selling canned fresh air! 587
Mysterious disease strikes mainly young women! 611
Fireballs reported in skies above Cuba and Kalifornia! 596
Philadelphia high schools welcome students back with free condoms! 651
Drug cartels paying Border Patrol officers to smuggle in people and drugs! 757
Conviction tossed out in 1989 killing in Brooklyn! 603
Chicago Public Schools sends parents email link to adult website! 641
Moats dug around Chinese villagers’ houses to drive them out! 659
Russian meteor explosion not caused by asteroid flyby! 610
New form of quantum process promises to revolutionize computers! 768
CEO threatens to “start killing people” if Obama imposes gun ban! 610
Four creepy new ways for pig thug cops to intrude on your rights! 890
Multiple vaccine doses have resulted in up to 145,000 child deaths in past 20 years! 598
Arizona ruling orders return of medical marijuana! 564
Commentary: The rise of Bolshevik America! 641
MIT discovers a new state of matter! 704
Hidden Obamacare amendment prevents gun and ammo registry! 617
Pig thug cop abuse of driver database soars! 632
Why are there no good data on thug cops use of force? 703
Pig cop drug search intrudes on husband's final moments with deceased wife! 595
Hostages taken after two-minute toilet break rule is imposed on Chinese factory workers! 649
The whistling island! 731
Brazilian cat caught in prison break plot doesn’t rat on accomplices! 735
Wal-Mart vs. The Morons 750
UN nuclear chief says there is no evidence Iran is seeking to make weapons! 732
Launch of Russia's new silent sub one step in rebuilding mighty military! 664
Thug cop drone crashes into police SWAT team! 789
Off-duty cops caught egging house of superior officer! 618
Mayan apocalypse: panic spreads as December 21 nears! 747
Obama Hawaii vacation is an insult to struggling middle class! 696
Majority of Amerikans tell Feds to let weed smokers be! 727
Commentary: Is Atlas starting to shrug? 683
Zimmerman publicizes defamation lawsuit against NBC! 774
Top 5 handguns for self-defense! 896
Sex predators in uniform! 762
Hillary Clinton in hospital amid speculation of plane accident in Iran! 728
Verizon patent could listen in on customers! 718
Kalifornia gun sales jump! 748
Private prison company is illegally creating occupants for its prisons! 623
Commentary: Freedom: because it works or because it’s right? 881
New Zealand nudist jogger wins court case! 755
NASA finds lots of ice on planet closest to Sun! 718
Officer’s lawsuit over quotas is reinstated! 634
New nuclear engine could power deep-space exploration! 729
Cops raid 9-year-old and confiscate her Winnie the Pooh laptop! 761
Freeway drones to replace manned cop cars! 748
Government seeking to steal private retirement accounts! 698
Hybrid nanomaterial converts light and heat into electricity! 714
Government making it impossible to pass on assets to your children! 671
New big screen TVs can be easily hacked to spy on viewers! 731
Deputy shoots at disabled man waving gun made of Legos! 764
Man found dead after writing "F**k Obama!" on wall of his house! 724
Wal-Mart workers plan Black Friday walkout! 750
Paralyzed vet sues airport and airline over abuse and mistreatment! 726
Software pioneer believes he is about to be murdered by pig thug cops! 623
Residents furious that power remains out in high-rise complex! 655
Man exonerated but still imprisoned! 826
Google says governments are trying to spy on citizens more than ever! 741
MIT breakthrough could lead to paper-thin bulletproof armor! 795
Are humans becoming less intelligent? 765
Pig thug cop shot by partner! 808
People trading gas for sex on Craigslist! 695
WWII carrier pigeon finally delivers secret message! 758
Terrorist detectives framed two men in retired officer's death! 749
New Lucasfilm president already working on Star Wars Episode VII! 745
Homeland Security pervert charged with soliciting children on Facebook! 769
Disney to release Star Wars Episode 7 in 2015! 915
I.B.M. reports nanotube chip breakthrough! 820
High levels of radioactive chemical found in Fukushima fish! 698
Detroit judge who sent naked photo to bailiff censured by high court! 648
Governments unhappy with new cell phone encryption app! 767
New technology creates pressures greater than those at Earth’s inner core! 658
Super comet approaching! 812
Identity vs. Eligibility: Most voter ID statutes are unconstitutional! 671
Afterlife exists says top brain surgeon! 744
Oldest woman on Earth dies at age 134! 1041
Monsanto found guilty of chemical poisoning in landmark case! 679
Societal constraints reduce freedom and produce suppressed automatons! 740
Thousands in Germany protest for wealth tax! 709
Amerikan Gestapo assault on Megaupload started two years ago! 801
Amerikan Injustice: wrongly convicted freed but receive little help! 666
Russia suspends import and use of GM corn after study reveals cancer risk! 798
Texting woman rescued after fall off Kodiak cliff! 694
Pot activists may sue after city council re-criminalizes marijuana! 620
High school marching band commemorates Russian Revolution! 762
Ancient papyrus refers to Jesus having a wife! 646
Nestle embeds GPS trackers in candy bars to hunt down prizewinners! 695
Terrorist Border Patrol plans illegal seizure of sovereign native land! 718
Scientists say warp drive may be more feasible than previously thought! 801
Man pays for cross-country trip using only bacon as currency! 664
Jesse Ventura suggests FPSA is behind Middle East violence! 694
Reauthorization of warrantless wiretapping is fascist! 708
Amerikan Gestapo's scariest electronic weapons! 731
Fascist government guarantees 90% occupancy rate to private prisons! 675
NYC cleans up from two twisters after eastern storms! 682
History of Labor Day! 755
How to block social networks from tracking you online! 812
John Voight says Obama is controlling mainstream media! 699
Octogenarian nun breaches security at nuclear weapons complex! 806
Free-speech fight costs Kentucky Bar Association $191,000! 718
Disneyland acclimates Amerikans to troops on streets! 817
Condoleeza Rice says Iraq war based on lies was worth all the death! 787
Crazy facts about the mindset of college freshmen today! 738
New Zealand considering early departure from Afghanistan war! 834
Thousands of pot fans rally at festival! 709
July marked worst month ever for Army suicides! 697
Infant drug tests for marijuana are unreliable! 690
Commentary by Marine veteran Brandon Raub: The Truth! 681
FPSA lawmakers accuse Wal-Mart of tax evasion and money laundering! 765
Pentagon senior staff members are child pornography kings! 732
Facebook camera can recognize you every time you walk into a shop! 671
Popcorn ingredient linked to Alzheimer's! 763
Polish beekeepers reject Monsanto GM corn! 770
Giant volcano erupts for the first time in 115 years! 802
Fascist Army colonel instructs military to crush Tea Party insurgency! 734
World on alert for massive solar storm! 688
Microchipped drugs given FDA approval! 712
Tycoon wants to clone dinosaurs and create real life Jurassic Park resort! 645
Man texts need to quit texting before driving off cliff! 710
There was once a secret paradise of freedom! 708
Sex scandal participant now working for federal government! 802
Monster washes up on New York beach! 668
Tohono O'odham oppose terrorist federal thug cops on sovereign Indian land! 692
Secret weather modification could explain drought and more! 717
Commentary: Navy SEAL gives tips for personal safety! 979
What is wrong with Amerikan children? 734
Fukushima plant still emitting radiation at alarming rate! 775
Neurosecurity stores passwords in your brain! 683
Bay Area drivers could be tracked by GPS and taxed per mile driven! 755
TSA thugs hassle man over large penis! 998
Traffic signs destroyed by prostitutes performing stunts! 752
Study says people who are constantly online can develop mental disorders! 721
Commentary: How consumers are fooling and hacking smart meters! 900
Utility companies to bill customers for lost revenues due to storm! 750
Amerikan Gestapo laser scanner reads people at molecular level! 681
Team USA Olympic uniforms are made in China! 798
FPSA uses Spanish soap opera to push food stamps to non-citizens! 839
Federal judge overrules illegal car seizure! 862
Brazil to breed GM mosquitoes to combat dengue fever! 988
Family slapped with carbon tax fee during burial! 842
Purdue Pharma LP conducting trial of OxyContin on children! 808
Indiana father sentenced to five years for criticizing crooked judge! 996
Jury finds woman with 83 pounds of marijuana in her van not guilty! 726
Doctor says Zimmerman had several wounds from attack by Martin! 742
Birth of first genetically modified humans revealed! 799
Corporations collect huge fees while poor land in jail! 728
Fascist French make Breathalyzer tests compulsory on all vehicles! 709
Terrorist FPSA drone technology now comes in swarms! 682
Jimmy Carter is correct but ignores the growth of the predatory state! 741
Maine officials receive zombie apocalypse training! 807
Arkansas Supreme Court declares execution law unconstitutional! 769
Uruguay to legalize marijuana! 750
Checkpoint of the future takes shape at Texas airport! 860
Iceland world’s most peaceful nation! 717
FBI gets broader role in coordinating domestic intelligence activities! 775
FPSA military poised for record foreign sales this year! 716
New glasses could read your moods through your skin! 839
Southwest Airlines refused to board woman due to her cleavage! 878
Iceland dismantles corrupt government and arrests Rothschild bankers! 1587
Rodney King dies! 776
Teens being jailed for having sex or being late to school! 793
Swedish political party wants to force men to sit while urinating! 748
Laser guided bullets can kill you from miles away! 702
China hits back at FPSA criticisms and exposes official hypocrisy! 727
FPSA Commerce Secretary hits-and-runs twice! 707
Arizona starts regulating medical marijuana! 727
Prime minister leaves 8-year-old daughter in pub! 635
Hemp legalization added to Senate farm bill! 952
Murderous Blackwater guards will finally face charges! 869
Mind control video games becoming reality! 854
Amerika's murderous drone campaign is fueling terror! 894
81-year-old skydiver survives parachute mishap! 1007
Teenager solves 350-year-old Isaac Newton mathematical theory! 956
Writer calls for bar-coding everyone at birth! 792
DC Comics to unleash homosexual superhero! 846
Congress "un-declares" war with Iran! 950
Angry guests call Bill Clinton fundraiser worst party ever! 798
Terrorist DEA agents threaten to kill young boy if he refuses to talk! 902
New York City parking spot goes for $1 million! 896
Italian court rules MMR vaccine triggers autism! 898
Mayan prophecy says the world won’t end! 831
Chinese physicists teleport photons over 100 kilometers! 816
Fascist Files: Requiring government permission in order to work! 734
How to hide from face detection technology! 710
Lug nuts stolen from Chicago cop cars! 613
Speed cameras under fire around the world! 735
Drugmaker deals with Obama to be probed by House! 726
Powerful surveillance cameras read texts! 814
Water guns banned while handguns allowed at GOP convention! 733
If you own a cell phone or computer you may be a terrorist! 718
Teacher’s unions employ terrorist tactics against non-union teachers! 813
The return of debtor’s prisons! 801
Local media buries attack of white couple by 100 blacks! 681
Kuwaiti official pees on Tony Blair's home! 763
Geologists identify new earthquake faults! 1029
Facebook picture shows man siphoning gas from cop car! 993
EU may reject ACTA! 1016
Dick Clark dies at 82! 5245
Physics professor proves he didn't run a stop sign! 833
Oppressive tax laws push more Americans to renounce citizenship! 855
Eggs grown in labs could produce unlimited supply of humans! 798
Prescription drug addiction indicative of a sick nation! 870
Astronauts condemn NASA endorsement of global warming theory! 755
Group mobilizing big anti-fracking earthquake! 780
Pesticides can induce morphological changes in vertebrate animals! 822
Russia developing a gun that turns people into zombies! 849
Sick political correctness poisons Miss Universe pageant! 830
Keeping an eye on everyone! 815
How pig thug cops use your cell phone to track you! 880
Scientist reveals how he created bird flu that could spread between people! 807
Civil liberties can't stand up to bureaucracy! 942
Woman sued for planting flowers in her front yard! 782
Gun maker shares rise on strong demand! 831
Supreme Court backs landowners in EPA clean water case! 784
FCC decision strikes critical blow to broadcasting freedom! 857
Attorney General tried to brainwash Amerikans into giving up their firearms! 740
WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange to run for the Senate! 741
Universal Translator turns spoken English into any of 26 different languages! 835
IRS snitch suing outlaw agency for not being paid reward! 847
Army suicides up 80 percent since start of Iraq War! 850
Use of FPSA domestic drones raises privacy concerns! 749
What's causing the mysterious sounds coming from the sky? 840
Engineers have invented an invisible car! 1002
Corporate churches discard Ten Commandments! 986
Bay Area wakes up to earthquake! 718
Scientists predict solar megastorm by 2014! 898
Japan invents speech-jamming gun that silences people mid-sentence! 819
Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart dead! 4493
Commentary: The blurred line between espionage and truth! 828
Seat warmers can cause toasted skin rash and scarring! 753
Homeschooling families told they cannot teach that homosexual acts are sinful! 780
Cyborg moth can be steered with neural probe and used as tiny spy! 870
Terror chief says there is no way of stopping leak of deadly new flu! 893
Spying on Europe’s farms with satellites and drones! 814
Government thugs brand Sovereign Citizens as extremist! 956
U.S. Supreme Court Justice advises against using U.S. Constitution as a model! 859
Indiana GOP Secretary of State guilty of voter fraud! 895
Anonymous releases FBI-Scotland Yard conference call! 791
Komen donations double after they cut ties with Planned Parenthood! 883
NDAA nullification bills propose kidnapping charges for federal agents! 896
Thousands trapped as eastern Europe freezes! 814
19 crazy things for which schoolchildren are being arrested in Amerika! 815
States seek currencies made of silver and gold! 772
Scientists patent self-guided bullet! 779
Commentary: Disgraceful reporting by The Boston Herald and others! 802
Global warming theory discredited while concerns mount over mini Ice Age! 838
Temperatures fall to minus 50 degrees in Fairbanks! 817
Arkansas Democrat’s pet murdered by sick pig bastard! 843
Active duty cop says war on drugs is a war on people! 775
Homosexual Rep. Barney Frank to get married! 854
GOP lawmaker believes food contains human fetuses! 800
Huge solar eruption sparks strongest radiation storm in years! 822
Armageddon flu virus research suspended! 764
Amerikan Gestapo seeks to spy on 4 square miles at once! 790
Bankrupt Solyndra caught destroying brand new parts! 804
Fukushima radiation spreads worldwide! 865
Protest on web uses shutdown to take on oppressive bills! 799
Man receives $44 million bill from hospital! 786
Author of new book says Amerika is a lawless country! 835
IBM creates amazing atomic-level hard drive! 756
Students laugh at Obama during speech! 962
Fascist schools now using fingerprint technology for student lunches! 928
Hackers devise censor-proof Internet! 820
New state laws for motorists now in effect! 960
Dictator Obama ignores laws enacted by Congress! 940
Michelle Obama wants to be referred to as royalty! 816
Thousands of blackbirds fall to their death for second New Year in a row! 897
Mountain Dew dissolves mouse carcasses! 831
Busloads of intimidated teens turn over pot to pig thug cops! 810
Congressman says Michelle Obama has a large posterior! 962
Dutch TV to air cannibilism! 916
Japan tsunami debris hitting Canadian shores! 983
Chevy Volt costing taxpayers up to $250,000 per vehicle! 1066
Dutch lab creates highly contagious killer flu! 824
Chinese pig thug cops fire tear-gas and beat protesters! 819
Amerikan Gestapo TSA screenings aren't just for airports anymore! 782
Christians attacked by Australian armed Muslims! 1098
Vaclav Havel, leader of Velvet Revolution, dies at age 75! 6358
Idiot European Union ministers rule prunes are not a laxative! 1196
Thug cops test “SkyCop” system! 987
Shoulder-mounted lasers and long range Tasers among new thug cop gear! 1021
Indiana Democrat Party head resigns under fraud probe! 929
Fox News misrepresents Greek riots as Moscow election protests! 1066
Ron Paul says Bush regime reacted with glee after 9/11! 881
Earthquake reported near Alaska's HAARP array! 989
One third of Chinese toys contain heavy metals! 928
Los Angeles votes to end corporate personhood! 889
Canada and U.S. to unveil new border security measures! 925
Indian farmers dump bags of snakes in tax office! 849
Criminal Obama regime seals records of murdered Border patrol agent! 835
Pressure builds as eurozone ponders debt solutions! 882
Movers and deputies refuse to evict 103-year-old woman! 890
Man-made flu virus could wipe out millions! 928
Shoppers ignore man who collapsed in store! 893
Water pump failure wasn’t cyber attack after all! 877
Crazy stupid Amerikans display Black Friday madness! 934
Stupid EU bans claim that water can prevent dehydration! 869
Russian TV anchorwoman fired after flipping off Obama! 1026
DHS issues turkey fryer warning! 852
Massive hydrovolcanic explosion inevitable at Fukushima! 755
Drugs used for psychotics given to youths in foster care! 915
Unfree Amerika: Fisherman forced to give up 800-pound tuna! 931
Egyptian soldiers are now murdering protestors! 843
New test finds neutrinos still faster than light! 1057
China unhappy with imperialist United States base in Australia! 808
Vice president's closed-door transparency chat! 833
Criminal FBI uses fake terror plots and falsifies evidence! 947
Concealed gun carry cut from House gun bill! 833
Pelosi objects to exposure of her corrupt activities! 858
Credit Suisse released confidential U.S. client files! 723
Oklahoma 5.6 magnitude quake causes damage! 870
Jesse Ventura fed up with U.S. tyranny and planning to move to Mexico! 861
Developer with shotgun scares off Oakland rioters! 876
Death toll from rare October snowstorm! 794
Desperate EU chiefs ask China to fund huge bailout! 892
Fox News poll finds 76 percent dissatisfied with direction of country! 909
FBI reports gang infiltration of U.S. military! 841
Fingerprint recognition coffee machine makes perfect brew every time! 997
Mandatory sex ed details may be too racy for parents! 885
Mexican president accuses U.S. of dumping criminals at border! 855
How Monopoly saved the Allies in World War II! 793
Mexican clowns holds laugh-for-peace convention! 730
Old man won't let thugs ruin his walks! 776
Clerk kills would-be robber who grabbed his daughter! 817
District of criminals boasts top earnings in U.S.! 810
Woman arrested for assaulting husband with cupcakes! 857
CIA officer holds mystery assignment at NYPD! 819
Anti-capitalist protests turn into global movement! 884
Britain faces mini-Ice Age! 971
Egypt imposes Cairo curfew after 24 killed in clashes! 818
Solar lows caused extreme European winters! 792
Electronic surveillance scandal hits Germany! 783
CDC executive arrested for child molestation and bestiality! 757
Fukushima desolation worst since Hiroshima and Nagasaki! 1061
Apple fans mourn Steve Jobs! 899
Senator Durbin tells Bank of America customers to close their accounts! 819
Montana objects to federal gun ban for medical pot users 819
Secret memo proves U.S. government sanctioned murder of Aulaqi! 848
Libyan civilians accuse NATO of massacre in raids! 823
Federal retirement plans cost almost as much as Social Security! 802
Outlaw governor to unlawfully use military for DUI enforcement! 909
Internet firms co-opted for surveillance! 876
Fascist plan to indoctrinate students into supporting the EU infuriates ministers! 915
Retired generals say Texas-Mexico border is now a combat zone! 1025
Green Bay Packers ratchet up security measures at Lambeau Field! 834
Civilians given power to fine people and snoop into their lives! 821
Town to use sensors to detect illegally parked vehicles! 864
CIA and Pentagon fight to keep faked bin Laden death photos secret! 812
China launches gold vending machine! 774
Scientists claim speed of light has been broken! 872
Court allows ACLU to challenge government wiretapping! 837
Supreme Court Justice apologizes for eminent domain ruling! 908
U.S. assembling secret drone bases in Africa and Arabian Peninsula! 823
Police complete final riot drill before Palestinian statehood bid! 745
PETA to launch porn site in name of animal rights! 841
Drug cartels throw fundraisers for bankers and U.S. officials! 849
TSA agents aid and abet drug smugglers! 867
Study concludes Gulf War syndrome involves real brain damage! 791
Belgium celebrates 450 days without a government! 848
Storm force winds sweep country as hurricane hits! 886
Fatal blast hits nuclear waste plant! 705
Prime minister pushes to reopen Cairo embassy without delay! 830
What it took to get an 8th grade education in 1895! 919
At least 30,000 died in unlawful NATO war against Libya! 944
Israel calls Turkey’s threat to send warships grave and serious! 918
Longshoremen storm Washington port over labor dispute! 1000
Lab chimps laugh and hug at first taste of freedom! 1059
Israelis turn out for largest economic protest ever! 855
Political wordsmiths say federal government is now “federal family”! 853
German city introduces tax meters for prostitutes 749
WikiLeaks exposes more embarrassing Amerikan diplomatic cables! 887
Fascist Files: Government pressuring media to inform on rioters! 820
BBC airs false footage of Tripoli to manipulate viewers 877
Four-year-old boy threatened with fine for playing too loud! 809
War criminal Bush to give keynote speech on fighting extremism! 866
Frightened Mexicans opt for dubious RFID chip implants! 866
Pair arrested for rafting down Main Street! 796
British government enacts fascist ban on all protests! 853
Casino attack in Mexico leaves 53 dead! 835
Commentary: Robots and the end of war as we know it! 809
Houston latest U.S. city to turn off red-light cameras! 805
First Lady has spent over $10 million in public funds on vacations! 819
Earthquake rattles U.S. East Coast! 792
Obama wedding ring out for repair! 1391
Fukushima early stage China Syndrome is a clear concern! 857
U.S. troops may stay in Afghanistan until 2024! 901
School district offers drug testing kit to parents! 798
Scientists alter chicken DNA to create embryo with alligator-like snout! 1018
Researchers develop bulletproof human skin! 931
EU bids to sweep away powerful vacuum cleaners! 872
Facing medical torture, Chinese bear kills cub and then self! 860
Futuristic tattoos can monitor health and link you to the web! 785
Fukushima lethal radiation levels imply hundreds of millions will die! 1020
Gold shoots past record $1,800 an ounce! 885
Kansas refuses federal Obamacare grant! 931
Tapes reveal Jackie believed LBJ killed husband JFK! 987
Police urge holster use after man shoots his own penis! 832
Got that 1937 feeling all over again! 833
Post-riot London looks like the Blitz! 989
The missing security tapes from the World Trade Center! 976
Armed agents bust raw milk and cheese sellers! 844
Solar storms increase as electric grid braces for impact! 870
Record percentage of United States experiencing exceptional drought! 858
Florida city considering video surveillance in restaurants and bars! 871
Palestinians plan mass demonstrations against Israel on eve of UN vote! 902
Israeli and Lebanese troops exchange fire on border! 968
Civil disobedience on a plate! 880
Czech president says climate change movement a threat to freedom! 792
Men build small flying spy drone that cracks Wi-Fi and cell data! 717
U.S. may be on the verge of another revolution! 909
Israeli protesters occupy roof of Tel Aviv stock exchange! 828
U.S. officials disregard invasion by uniformed Mexican soldiers! 1042
Neighbors make trash deposit at bank to protest blighted foreclosure! 786
Twitter users tell Washington F$@*! You! 793
More Americans being ensnared by proliferation of federal laws! 813
Japan’s food chain threatened as radiation spreads! 773
Dr. Moreau lives: 150 human animal hybrids grown in UK! 863
Hotel snore control monitors now on patrol! 822
Google warns of massive malware outbreak! 894
NYC mayor uses fines and fees as stealth tax on businesses 807
Radioactive skeletons found in ancient India 1307
Rupert Murdoch's darkest day! 884
Ecuadorian indigenous people fight back against government! 1080
Syrian forces reportedly fire on protestors! 884
Commentary: The Glum and the Restless 835
Arizona town now under martial law! 894
Navy bought fake Chinese microchips that could have disarmed U.S. missiles! 858
Commentary: The Fourth of July 796
Fukushima children to receive radiation meters! 929
U.S. and Swiss at impasse over IRS accord! 858
Hackers unearth FBI report on KopBusters filmmaker! 851
International court issues arrest warrant for Qaddafi! 835
Commentary: Corporations are psychopathic! 915
U.S. ready to arm Philippines amid China tension! 893
Nuclear experts killed in Russian plane crash! 909
Man flies in women's underwear! 937
As much as 18 billion dollars stolen from Iraq by U.S. thugs! 898
Battery-free surveillance device can be implanted under the flesh! 902
Jewish court sentences dog to death by stoning! 801
Japan scientists synthesize meat from human feces! 1022
SWAT Team Mania: The War Against the American Citizen 1008
Earth facing mini-Ice Age within ten years! 866
Experts say current weather extremes have never before been seen! 881
Beijing battling protest fires on many fronts! 806
New toy lets children pretend to be TSA agents! 897
7,000 Egyptian civilians jailed since fall of Mubarak! 780
Idiot thug cops Taser wandering cow! 879
Possible HAARP connection to Japan earthquake and tsunami! 818
Fascists checkpoints of the future! 892
U.S. intensifying illegal campaign of Yemen airstrikes! 849
GM cows make human breast milk! 916
Firms to cut health plans as reform starts! 800
Syria says 40 police dead in ambush in tense north! 1056
Stupid police shoot concrete alligator! 854
Former U.S. presidential candidate John Edwards indicted! 817
Firm claims bin Laden kiled with pork bullet! 920
RFID chips may be coming to your food! 771
Pre-crime detector field tested! 876
Tax dollars fund Jello wrestling and shrimp on treadmills! 973
Aussies to be fined for swearing! 803
High radioactivity found in Japan nuclear workers! 852
Church fined $100 per branch for excessive tree pruning! 846
NFL player’s common sense bin Laden comments attacked! 878
Disney World scanners mock TSA! 944
Greeks mobilize to protect endangered seeds from GM encroachment! 869
U.S. to store passenger data for 15 years! 855
Police State Chronicles: No dancing allowed inside Jefferson Memorial! 939
Watchdog says 70,000 more should be evacuated from Fukushima! 827
Advocacy group pushes back on government wiretapping! 934
Iran president says west is causing drought! 839
Real life superhero defends wrongfully accused mother! 916
How old is grandma? 862
Police State Chronicles: Talking back to a cop can cost you your job! 883
Record number of Americans targeted by National Security letters! 822
Message from Colonel Mu’ummar Qaddafi! 935
Army Corps blows up Missouri levee! 917
When robots kill: urgent questions over drone warfare! 1018
Killer twisters likely among largest and strongest ever! 880
Tornado blows through western Michigan! 844
Britain celebrates monarchy as Kate and William wed! 971
Japan enters recession but no yen printing yet! 921
China's inflation problem is boiling over! 996
Record wave of U.S. tornadoes kills 46! 947
Wells Fargo tests microchip credit cards! 877
Gold to break $2,000/oz barrier! 802
Marijuana causes global warming! 861
Ivory Coast’s Gbagbo captured by French troops! 894
Seattle school renames Easter eggs 'Spring Spheres'! 900
U.S. corn reserves expected to fall to 15-year low! 917
Gold hits new record high! 869
U.S. imperialists increase pressure for Yemeni president to resign! 962
Protest sign meets government arrogance! 866
Rothschild fund to test Chinese appetite for global stake building! 888
Army says Mubarak and family are under house arrest! 889
New Taser can strike suspect 100 feet away! 850
Colorado town’s emergency plans raise eyebrows 870
15 reported killed in Syrian protest city! 929
Egypt's Interior Ministry burns while police protest! 923
Number of dead and missing from quake tops 21,000! 912
Darn scary article on global warming! 861
Geologist claims alarming magnetic field changes signal imminent major west coast quake! 839
Atom smasher could be used as time machine! 1005
Japan braces for potential radiation catastrophe! 826
Young leaders of Egypt's revolt snub Clinton! 886
Assange says Internet is world's greatest spying machine! 842
Guatemalans sue U.S. over 1940s syphilis experiments! 869
NRA declines to meet with Obama on gun policy! 850
Protesters demonstrate against the USA PATRIOT Act! 1140
Teen charged in death of family hamster! 910
Public sector unions claim outsized share of U.S. pension assets! 861
Monkey in woman’s bra makes waves at courthouse! 813
Afghan civilian deaths hit new high! 943
Japan halts Pfizer vaccines after children die! 969
Bahrain uprising may be too much for Saudis! 864
20-year-old American sues FBI for placing GPS tracker on his car! 1004
Bald eagles are dropping from the skies in Canada! 876
Researchers design working tractor beam 939
States’ rights legislation gathering momentum! 828
Baby dolphins dying along oil-soaked Gulf Coast! 848
Illusion cloak makes you see what isn’t there! 922
Shoppers wary of GM foods find them everywhere! 916
State official fired after tweeting cops should use live ammo against protesters! 883
Lawmaker objects to airport search demand! 893
Texas to pass law allowing students to carry firearms on campus! 1030
Unconfirmed report claims Libyan warplanes are bombing Tripoli! 841
Qaddafi's son warns of civil war in Libya! 840
Libyan crackdown on protesters kills 24! 849
Raging grannies host mock-marriage to protest corporation rights! 850
Boy who saw heaven and returned from death shares his story! 2705
Anthrax report casts doubt on FBI evidence in case against Bruce Ivins! 832
South Carolina lawmaker wants separate state currency! 952
Bahrain’s king gives 3000 dollars to every family 900
Syrian Facebook group calling for peaceful uprising! 859
How all EU police forces can see your secrets! 783
Arizona city plans to fingerprint pharmacy customers! 881
Over 99 percent in South Sudan vote for secession 884
Constitutional criminal Donald Rumsfeld to receive Defender of the Constitution Award! 908
U.S. lawmaker aims to protect tipsters from lawsuits 901
Obama to push for more gun control! 965
Kalifornia hotel foreclosures more than doubled in 2010! 880
Gun rights supporters decry ATF nominee! 977
Speed cameras around the world encounter disrespect, fire and paint 902
Bank of America hit by two billion dollar writedown of Countrywide! 826
Court rules ammunition ban unconstitutional! 903
Kim and Jong get beefed up security! 879
Radar captures mysterious turbulence as doomed birds take flight! 952
Swiss village says pay your dog tax or Fido gets it! 884
Child flu vaccine contains mercury! 857
Parentage goes gender neutral on passport form! 956
BP set to avoid gross negligence charge for Gulf Oil disaster! 832
Study linking vaccines with autism branded fraud but author stands by truth! 860
Pennsylvania police stop issuing tickets for swearing 965
Reports of dead birds and fish still coming in from around the world! 882
Accidental butt-dial sends out SWAT team! 843
Food and fuel shortages imminent as new Ice Age dawns! 951
Supreme Court justice says discrimination is a state issue! 888
Traffic camera attacks on the rise in United States 771
Government changes how it measures long term unemployment! 874
Wage theft rampant in Amerika! 967
Germans demanding return of the deutsche mark! 945
New Zealand government releases classified UFO alien files! 1264
Majority say protecting individual rights is government’s chief role! 911
Attorney General tells Amerikans their fellow Citizens are terrorists! 866
Waste in U.S. Afghan aid at billions of dollars! 925
White House drafts executive order for indefinite detention! 847
Cable shows that U.S. threatened EU into accepting biotech crops! 901
Supreme Court becoming a tool for corporate interests! 879
Power and corruption may be good for society! 857
Halliburton to pay $250 million to get Cheney bribery charges dropped! 822
Last WW II internee draft resister dies! 870
EPA sponsors national bed bug summit! 884
TSA refuses to release inspection reports about X-ray machine safety 925
The unusually chilly global-warming summit! 956
Was John Lennon’s murderer a CIA hitman? 999
Rolling Stone releases John Lennon’s final interview 1000
Tax appeals swamp U.S. cities and towns as property prices plunge! 850
Bank of America to settle claims it defrauded schools and hospitals! 1088
UPS to require photo IDs for shipping packages! 862
White House pressured Spain to drop Bush torture prosecution! 908
TSA frisks prepare children to cooperate with sex predators! 862
Giant planet may be approaching earth 927
BitTorrent based DNS to counter U.S. domain seizures 984
Government street sign insanity 952
United Nations talks start with call to the gods! 911
Justices turn aside another challenge to Obama's citizenship! 823
Attempts to redesign our species pose a serious threat to humanity's survival 874
Propaganda Files: Second-hand smoke kills 600,000 annually! 931
Over 900 TSA complaints filed in November! 889
Judge has many options in sentencing DeLay! 934
Body scanner makers doubled lobbying cash over 5 years! 922
Woman says she feels molested by TSA pat downs! 840
Drug-dealing robot goes on hospital rampage! 897
Woman sentenced to labor camp for Twitter post 1045
Commentary: The many Constitutions of the uSA and the United States! 947
Why an art professor wants a camera installed in his head 838
Rangel faces punishment, seeks fairness and mercy! 847
No dose of backscatter radiation has ever been proven safe! 955
Bank of America's brazen Lehman asset grab! 892
Cholera backlash fuels anti-UN protests in Haiti! 852
Secret papers reveal Nazis given safe haven in U.S.! 823
The nation state is dead! 946
Brazilians elect clown to Congress 903
One EMP burst and the world goes dark! 795
Bush claims waterboarding is legal because his lawyer said so! 884
Gold hits new record as euro zone fears resurface! 965
Lawsuit claims jail’s Taser use is unconstitutional! 965
34 warships to accompany Obama on visit! 851
Scientists makes a robot to argue climate change for him! 824
Tom DeLay goes on trial! 782
Mosque visit on Obama’s itinerary during Indonesia trip! 800
Moral outrage at new invasive airport security check! 879
Scientist declares alien signal sent from extrasolar planet! 797
Top scientist quits APS over global warming scam! 791
Obama could not impress Bob Dylan! 867
Evidence of solar scientists raise fears of imminent Ice Age! 857
Flawed paperwork aggravates foreclosure crisis! 948
Are we raising a generation of nincompoops? 962
Emergency workshop prepares people for world without power! 858
Private company takes over libraries! 1076
Italy to abandon airport body scanners! 825
The secret deal that changed the monarchy! 827
Commentary: Registry vote leaves police image wounded! 837
Home mistakenly sold out from under owner! 869
Man fends off thief with air freshener! 924
Golfer hits 67 million to one shot! 1107
Man fights knife wielding off attacker with banjo! 922
Man arrested for phony bill protest! 802
Blackwater/Xe front companies! 1237
U.S. soldiers killed civilians for sport and collected fingers as trophies! 799
Baby boomers are going bankrupt! 881
Gender bender chemical widely contaminates U.S. water supply! 926
Independents break election deadlock in Australia! 828
Contaminated school named after environmentalist Al Gore! 863
Xbox blocks gamer for living in a town with an unacceptable name! 917
Protesters hurl bottles, eggs and shoes at Tony Blair! 756
Government soliciting students for Homeland Security degree! 818
National police misconduct list of events! 1081
Fly-over blamed for mass chicken deaths! 910
Burglars left behind sex tape! 919
Many governments are banning large cash transactions! 941
Sun storm to hit with force of 100-megaton bombs! 822
India halts vaccine programs after deaths of four children! 806
Global demand for gold on the upswing! 977
Morgan Stanley says debt crisis is just beginning! 880
China develops mega straddle buses! 971
Eight bank failures bring U.S. total to 118 for the year! 837
Noted trendsetter says we're headed for the Greatest Depression! 949
Euro zone debt problems to last at least another year! 843
Aerial surveillance images being used to enforce laws! 836
U.S. schools adjust calendars to observe Muslim holidays! 757
Biometric vending machines of the future! 808
Cars hacked through wireless tire sensors! 828
Trooper pinned in car taunted by motorcyclists! 843
Mother calls police to topless sunbather for troubling her boys! 898
Monkeys and Congress 997
Man sentenced in feces assault on police! 803
Man arrested for misuse of 911 emergency number! 881
Parking cop leaves ticket on car with dead man inside! 884
Germany gave assassination list to secret U.S. unit! 805
Family trapped for three nights because they relied on GPS! 910
Hacker builds 1500 dollar cell-phone tapping device! 943
FBI agents found cheating on bureau tests! 870
Oil clean-up crews can't find crude in the Gulf! 875
Poisons and mind control drugs in U.S. water supply! 1062
Bear toots horn and takes car on short joyride! 784
Commentary: The Open Society Is Dying 1132
Man hit by six meteorites says he is being targeted by aliens! 831
Commentary: War on drugs worse than drugs! 864
Haitian farmers reject Monsanto donation and burn GMO seeds! 970
Power company tells customer she is dead! 907
Alternative currency being accepted across Michigan! 1238
Commentary: Fascism with Free Speech! 868
Intelligent cars will report accidents to authorities! 896
Ten ways we are being tracked, traced and databased! 984
Scientists order BP to stop using new cap over fears it will worsen disaster! 838
Billboard linking Obama to Hitler and Lenin removed! 1051
Billboard links Obama and Hitler! 937
Bill Clinton to be the subject of a new opera! 843
Tanzanian newspaper reports that Obama was born in East Africa! 868
Backlash grows against full-body scanners in airports! 907
Angered by anti-speed camera protest, police arrest a hat! 854
Flights diverted and delayed due to hovering UFO! 925
Celebrations and sadness as Dalai Lama turns 75! 891
Illegal invaders cost U.S. $113 billion a year! 774
Computer simulations show oil gusher spreading throughout the Atlantic Ocean! 861
UK drafting contingency plan for BP collapse! 867
New ATM gives cash via biometric scan! 826
U.S. chicken McNuggets contain Silly Putty chemical! 739
Health overhaul may mean longer ER waits and crowding! 864
Lock of Napoleon's hair sells for $13,000! 832
Sex drugs make you deaf! 817
Did You Know? 942
Witnesses admit lies in Troy Davis death row hearing! 892
Soros says the euro is a flawed construct! 925
Cracks show BP was battling Gulf well as early as February! 921
Commentary: Is U.S. now on slippery slope to tyranny? 829
Senate candidate faces foreclosure on home! 820
Gold on longest winning streak since 1920! 804
Government expansion like a cancer! 770
Sea creatures flee oil gusher and gather near shore! 807
U.S. military turns Iraq into a toxic dump of oil drums and acid cans! 780
U.S. taxpayers may be paying for child soldiers as young as nine! 792
Oil under the water worse than originally thought! 1095
Afghan war longest conflict in U.S. history! 912
Invisibility cloaks and how to use them! 772
Stanford survey finds more doubt global warming! 860
Chinese factory workers have incentives to kill themselves on the job! 969
Marine suicide attempts continue at record pace! 898
Blackwater mercenary company up for sale! 805
Police use ice cream music to break up teen rioters! 872
Mobile phones responsible for disappearance of honeybee! 866
United States national debt hits $13 trillion! 882
United Nations says meat eaters are harming the planet! 836
Students taught that Arizona immigration law is un-AmeriKan! 830
Gold to $10000? 826
North Korea warns it will meet military exercises with all-out war! 815
German President quits over comments critical of military! 886
Obama cannot take away your guns with UN treaty! 1147
Police arrest Census taker! 831
Census workers can enter your apartment in your absence! 811
Indian man stuns doctors by surviving four days without food and water! 879
Disgraced mayor gets up to five years in prison! 913
Billions of taxpayer dollars wasted on unused swine flu! 833
What a Difference a Century Makes! 903
It’s Memorial Day 861
Thai government declares protest violence mostly quelled! 843
DNA testing could be used to solve doggie-doo caper! 934
The Strange Disappearance of Assemblyman Schwartz 879
U.S. orders media blackout of North Korean torpedoing of oilrig! 1365
U.S. court defends right to tell mother-in-law jokes! 888
Cops overuse Taser because of media hype! 837
Obama caught cheating on Michelle! 1175
Genetically modified cows die at research center! 848
Thousands across Bay Area protest Arizona immigration law! 841
Johnson & Johnson to pay $81 million to end federal cases on Topamax! 985
Thai protesters disrupt Bangkok commuter service! 863
Smoke bombs and eggs fly in Ukraine parliament! 802
More Amerikan expatriates give up citizenship! 906
Will precious metals prices continue to rise? 834
Goldman Sachs executives cheered housing market's decline! 880
FDIC shuts down seven banks in Illinois! 829
SEC staffers watched porn while the economy crashed! 856
Massive government corruption hidden by focus on Goldman-Sachs! 812
Belgian government collapses! 896
Texas refuses to divorce homosexual couples! 843
Goldman Sachs pays 5 billion dollars in executive bonuses! 853
Commentary: Democrat bill allows takeover of businesses! 906
Amerika: The Grim Truth! 870
Former Clinton adviser says Obama is anti-Amerikan! 791
Record number of Amerikans ready to flee! 879
Israel ranks sixth with up to 300 nukes! 902
Octogenarian fights City Hall and wins! 823
Commentary: Obama going off the deep end! 968
Police stand down to citizens carrying guns! 1003
Mind-reading brain-scan software showcased! 869
RNC chief of staff resigns! 901
U.S. unemployment woes continue with no end in sight! 1071
Disgruntled Amerikans speak their minds! 886
Investigation reveals numerous bogus claims on Obama resume! 829
Major 7.2 earthquake felt from Baja to Los Angeles! 835
Urologist doesn’t want patients who support Obamacare! 881
EPA regulation of carbon emissions to begin in ten months! 884
Millions of swine flu vaccine doses may have to be discarded! 770
Engineers design smart pill that signals when it has been taken! 924
Moscow subway bombing prompts U.S. security response! 778
Double suicide bombings kill 38 on Moscow subway! 836
The real health reform solution: A Health Freedom Zone in America 860
Deer complains that Obama has ruined health care! 961
Ten states to file suit against unconstitutional health care bill! 817
Global warming not responsible for record loss of sea ice! 851
Officials say Rotarix rotavirus vaccine is contaminated! 899
Federal government planned New York synagogue bomb plot! 784
Border patrol arrests man for crossing the street! 956
Money market mutual fund assets fall below $3 trillion! 826
Twenty signs the United States is becoming a totalitarian police state! 912
Two bank failures raise current year tally to 30! 799
Proposed salt ban would fine restaurants $1,000! 1067
Even dying won’t get you off the no-fly list! 886
Citibank exposes 600,000 customers' Social Security numbers! 865
50% rate will make London the tax capital of the world! 843
ACLU slams expanded use of body scanners! 873
High court refuses to review Ten Commandments ruling! 821
Merger of U.S. voting machine makers nears approval! 930
White House land grab proposal favors animals over Amerikans! 911
New intrusive facial recognition technology spreading like a cancer! 890
Starbucks sticks to gun rights policy at stores! 837
Supreme Court gun case could imperil state laws! 905
It's raining fish... really! 934
U.N. mobilizes as Chile asks for help! 838
Lost city of Atlantis could be buried in southern Spain! 980
On taxes… 1071
Police officer seeks protection from other cops! 896
Congressman urges people to implode IRS offices! 893
Threats against IRS employees on the rise! 867
Card game mocks Obama regime spending! 968
State lawmaker seeks to ban federal currency! 853
Tea Party speaker wants to hang Democrat senator! 846
Arizona seeks to pass Freedom to Breathe Act! 950
Banking chief says euro collapse is inevitable! 799
Proposed web licenses would end blogger anonymity! 771
Aspartame renamed AminoSweet and sold as natural sweetener! 973
Ten thousand TSA workers to be given access to secret intelligence! 828
Students’ brains rewired by the Internet! 821
Riot police fire tear gas on protesters! 858
Electromagnetic pollution may threaten world population! 851
Residents fuming over alcohol and firearm ban! 870
Hell freezes over in unprecedented snowstorm! 871
More earthquakes swarm Yellowstone region! 1008
Government takes DNA from newborns without parental consent! 862
Illinois declares war on gun ownership! 889
World bankers hold secret meeting! 879
Airport body scanning raises radiation exposure! 859
PETA wants to replace groundhog with a robot! 909
What is really happening in Haiti 903
Hundreds of earthquakes rattle Yellowstone! 866
Congress in Copenhagen at taxpayers’ expense! 1068
BART pays 1.5 million dollars to family of murdered man! 1061
UN peacekeepers fire pepper spray at hungry Haitians seeking food! 986
Constitutional lawyer refuses body scan at courthouse! 894
More than 1,200 earthquakes hit Yellowstone in past week! 838
Scientists using selective temperature data for global warming projections! 902
Digital TV requirements make way for RFID tracking chips! 974
Group demands local officials boot Feds and protect rights! 910
Media gives Amerikans sanitized version of war! 1000
Mind-reading systems could change air security! 961
Haiti mass graves swell as doctors fear more death! 853
Commentary: Why the Supreme Court campaign finance decision is correct! 859
Paper tax filing fee hits poor and elderly hardest! 873
Intelligence ties to the underwear bomber! 1116
UN report that glaciers would melt within 25 years is nonsense! 838
Yellowstone hit by swarm of earthquakes! 898
At least 200,000 dead in Haiti! 877
Obama received $20 million from health care industry! 859
Swine flu fiasco: Never believe the fear-mongering State! 898
Walmart to close ten stores! 848
New leader has Facebook problems! 810
Obama signs Executive Order establishing Council of Governors! 900
Delta and American stall as Japan Airlines heads for bankruptcy! 877
General Motors lays out appeal process for 2,000 closing dealers! 942
Speeding motorist fined more than a quarter million dollars! 883
Gore ice sculpture back in town! 885
Britain braces for six more days of snow! 781
Arctic freeze and snow wreak havoc across the planet! 895
Amerikans' job satisfaction falls to record low! 826
Siberian winds usher in record lows in China! 829
New Year freeze and avalanches leave trail of death across Europe! 790
U.S. Treasuries post worst performance among sovereign markets! 874
New Zealand cyber spies win new powers! 861
Dave Barry’s 2009 Year in Review! 888
No rise of atmospheric carbon dioxide in past 150 years! 830
Snowstorm squelches climate change protest! 827
Subfreezing weather batters Europe! 808
Environmentalists say pets major cause of pollution! 878
Genetically modified wheat making a comeback! 917
Global warming is new religion! 969
Blizzard dumps snow on global warming conference! 815
Another 260 arrested in climate summit protests! 819
Several countries walk out of climate summit! 836
Al Gore condemned over Arctic ice melting lie! 844
Australia to censor the Internet! 894
Man with toy gun gets SWAT response! 859
Iran to try three Amerikans for spying! 805
The Parking Attendant! 893
Man cited for riding a horse under the influence! 787
Hillary Clinton pollster gets millions from stimulus plan! 901
Giant iceberg heading for Australia! 838
Congress continues to use taxpayer funds for resort trips! 903
Pew poll shows Amerikans turning sharply toward nationalism! 931
Global dictators using climate change for unprecedented power grab! 896
E-mail scandal shows scientists fabricated facts on global warming! 912
Obama orders more troops for Afghanistan for Christmas surge! 833
Election results show mathematically impossible number of votes cast! 769
Obama is most threatened president ever! 953
South Korea admits to slaughtering civilians during war! 979
Philippines political violence leaves 21 dead! 857
Commentary: A German's View of Islam 861
Criminal graft and stimulus racketeering covered up by government! 842
Army suicide rate headed for new record! 885
Global effort to legalize private killing! 907
Gun sales increase amid fears of government tyranny! 943
Central banks to buy up gold supply! 795
Government shill cites new militia groups as cause for concern! 918
Deadly plague could sweep across Europe! 955
Ex-congressman sentenced to 13 years in prison! 847
Commentary: Kiss Your Freedoms Goodbye! 848
Turkey and Iran strike military deal against Israel! 831
Shipping slows while banks and carriers fear loan defaults! 799
AMBROSE EVANS-PRITCHARD: Barrick shuts hedge book as world gold supply runs out! 852
Gold hits another new record! 805
Communist college launches First Amendment attack on student body president! 884
U.S. Treasury Secretary slaps down global tax! 840
Commercial property market to hit bottom in 2010! 878
Shudder speed! 910
Italy convicts former CIA agents in rendition trial! 912
Executive pensions increase even though stocks fall! 871
Gold hits another record high! 872
Long-range Taser raises fears of official abuse! 830
Kalifornia steals from taxpayer paychecks! 853
Gangstertown increases property taxes on citizens but not officials! 933
History can be interesting! 879
The dollar's fall is being felt overseas! 906
Treasury and GMAC in talks for third round of bailouts! 796
State attorney caught with stripper in graveyard! 814
Israel rationing water to Palestinians! 785
Propagandist government falsely claims Depression is over! 791
Stimulus contracts go to companies under criminal investigation! 775
Democrats suffering Obama hangover! 876
Dollar hits 14-month low! 873
Commentary: Ever wonder why Census takes GPS readings at your front door? 941
Deserted shopping mall bleak symbol of bailout! 841
Clinton cites nuke worry while panel fears bio attack! 856
Federal Reserve Accountability Act is an unacceptable compromise! 803
Corn syrup produces toxic chemical when heated! 815
MP sees global warming talks as step toward world government! 849
White House official praises brutal dictator Mao! 837
Senator says U.S. could be on path to a banana republic! 818
New Zealand Parliament proposes police state powers! 841
FSA says global banking body may be needed! 872
EU warns that Britain is in danger of going bust! 854
Official Cronyism: Geithner aides made millions on Wall Street! 953
Mussolini once worked for British intelligence! 987
Airport passengers to have naked photos taken by full-body X-ray machine! 1130
Romanian government falls to no confidence vote! 886
Australia seeks to ban TV for children! 803
Once in a black and blue moon! 817
Chavez says Obama did nothing to deserve Nobel Prize! 827
Nobel committee defends choice of Obama for Peace Prize! 976
Gold price set to double in four years! 834
Threat to sue athlete for fundraising brothel! 851
New study claims government benefits wrecked work ethic! 824
Gun-promoting pastor becomes full-time advocate! 873
Treasury Secretary misled government about health of banks! 835
Amerika is on sale! 904
IMF chief hails new era of global governance! 821
U.S. economic power is declining! 795
Wi-Fi signals can see through walls! 993
Romanian government collapses! 884
Empire State Building lit for China drawing citizen ire! 905
Former prosecutor says he lied about Polanski case! 815
General Motors kills Saturn brand! 801
FBI denies editing Oklahoma City bombing tapes! 858
Bankrupt Cayman Islands to receive bailout! 794
Scores dead and villages flattened in devastating Samoan tsunami! 993
Major earthquake hits off American Samoa! 906
Evil powers create man-goat creature! 916
Europe’s socialists suffering! 866
OKC bombing tapes appear edited! 780
Obama wants to bypass Congress and detain suspects indefinitely! 830
Gore-backed car firm gets large U.S. loan! 815
Afghan violence worse than expected! 863
U.S. bailouts will never be repaid! 854
Bank president admits all credit is created out of thin air! 809
Cops taser emu! 855
Hawaii confirms Obama’s vital records have been amended! 891
Nothing in the Constitution allows the individual mandate Obama proposes! 952
Obama wants to give illegals health care! 792
Michigan Senate affirms sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment! 919
Pelosi says health care protests bode violence! 798
Russia abandons plans for rocket battery as Obama scraps missile shield! 811
PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS: Why Propaganda Trumps Truth 1011
Gold jumps to 18-month high as dollar slides! 834
Ethics panel investigates Waters! 1045
Obama pushing to regulate Internet! 844
75% of high school students can't name first president! 845
Three New York residences raided in terrorism probe! 769
Cap and Trade could cost families almost two thousand dollars a year! 774
Student kills intruder with samurai sword! 820
Obama proposes sweeping reforms for banks! 807
Press accuracy rating hits 20-year low! 963
What really happened: the ouster of the Honduran president! 816
FSA supports global tax on financial transactions! 813
Cheney misled public about torture memos! 762
United Nations calls for teaching young children about masturbation! 812
FDA falsely claims mercury is completely harmless! 790
Obama raises 2010 deficit outlook to 1.5 trillion dollars! 852
Majority do not support war in Afghanistan! 779
Simulated terrorist attack alarms residents! 842
U.S. jobless claims unexpectedly rise! 809
Anti-Obama rally brings out hundreds! 794
Mercury-tainted fish found in U.S. streams! 838
Kennedy seeks change in law to fill Senate seat! 883
Man accused of stealing most credit card numbers ever! 764
Hotel mistake creates rush for 1-cent weekend! 922
North Korea reopens border to South! 802
Incompetent officials may give away your SSN! 842
Witchcraft in the White House! 799
Hitting the wrong Sydney! 772
Pair of nuns helps police nab robbery suspect! 691
Judge orders release of man he jailed for yawning! 852
Pentagon wants authority to post almost 400,000 troops inside the United States! 1074
Speeding player thought police were fans chasing him! 865
FLASHBACK! Obama supports single-payer universal health care! 924
AARP faces backlash from seniors over its support of health care proposal! 852
July temperatures below average for the United States! 868
The Rise of the Obama police state! 850
Unclaimed dead stack up in county morgue! 789
Study names children greatest threat to the environment! 704
Market Propaganda: The ultimate sucker’s rally! 974
Kalifornia refuses to accept its own IOUs! 897
Obama's cyber security czar quits! 834
State bill to force candidates to prove eligibility! 788
Scientists fear a revolt by killer robots! 719
Chavez closes 34 radio stations! 718
WARNING! U.S. is seizing citizen computers! 762
Pandemic paranoia fears a boon to body bag sales! 770
Obama warns Depression is far from over! 814
Automatic camera issues 10,000 tickets a month! 751
Antique rifle sets man at odds with outlaw cops! 789
Cheating at the gas pump! 825
Unpaid property taxes throughout Amerika! 846
Ron Paul's son considers bid for U.S. Senate! 887
Chicago has coldest July in 67 years! 843
The Theft of a Nation 945
The American Revolution Revisited! 974
How to prepare for the economic collapse! 856
ACORN accused of political corruption and fraud! 823
Commentary: Arrogance 787
Internal Revenue Service facts! 856
Protests spread in South African townships! 859
Obama spends stimulus money frivolously! 802
All gun control laws are illegal! 799
Governors oppose federal health care bill! 883
CIA agents threatened to quit over waterboarding! 722
Senator wants to force poor to buy high-cost health insurance! 801
Pastor wins round one in legal battle over Obama's eligibility! 1041
Heads of state call for new world order! 906
Record low temperatures hit northeast! 902
Obama czars illegally given powers not reviewable by Congress! 803
Propaganda Files: Swine flu resembles feared 1918 flu! 875
Egypt calls for establishing new world order! 922
Special alloy sleeves urged to block RFID chips! 790
Gagging the Internet! 769
Police take barking dog into custody! 773
Regulators close Wyoming bank! 802
The design flaw in socialism! 827
How the USA PATRIOT Act compares to Adolf Hitler's Ermächtigungsgesetz (Enabling Act)! 1853
Al Gore likens global warming to Nazi threat! 991
July frost hits Prince Edward Island! 1058
Natural Born Citizen explained! 1005
Iraq insurgents proud to be on U.S. terror list! 774
OAS suspends Honduras membership! 857
American Patriots Bible shows nations godly roots! 878
Goldman Sachs behind every market crash since 1920s! 802
U.S. auto sales slide as General Motors and Toyota miss estimates! 800
Beware of the Obama evil eye! 764
Swiss banks shun Amerikans as U.S. compels disclosure! 810
Noted polar bear expert barred by radical environmental group for not supporting their unscientific global warming agenda! 985
Republicans who helped pass biggest ever tax increase benefited from environmental donations! 810
Bernanke tried to cover up Bank of America threats! 833
700 teachers are being paid to do nothing! 791
Exposing the global warming lie and other propaganda! 838
DHS secretary to end spy satellite program! 771
Homeschooling numbers double in a decade! 843
Immigration enforcement could toughen in Arizona! 814
Proposed cyber security czar is no friend of privacy! 813
Facebook posting costs state trooper his job! 1190
Nazi was gutter slang meaning to nationalize! 988
Obama open to possible health care tax! 777
Ex-insurance executive admits that health insurers dump sick people! 1600
H.R.2749 seeks totalitarian control of food supply! 1034
Man dies from being tasered 28 times! 782
PETA criticizes Obama for inhumane treatment of a fly! (NOT A JOKE) 777
Obama promises benefits for homosexual partners of government workers! 811
The Obama Democrat criminal cabal! 892
CIA director says Cheney hopes that U.S. is attacked! 928
Obama wants tighter controls on banks and Wall Street! 864
North Korea ready for war due to United States aggression! 864
Government considering bulldozing cities to forcibly downsize! 938
An open letter to illegitimate President Obama! 903
Afghan violence hits all-time high! 855
More sickening truths about torture by U.S. troops soon to be revealed! 933
Criminal lawmakers took taxpayer money to bailout firms in which they hold stock! 895
Auto parts makers seek additional $10 billion bailout! 902
Supreme Court illegally allows Chrysler to steal from secured debt holders! 906
Demonstrators throw eggs at conservative party leader! 856
Ron Paul on General Motors, Amtrak and an Increasingly Fascist Amerika! 800
Kalifornia contemplating rewrite of social contract! 918
Migrant workers leaving developed nations in record numbers to return to their home countries! 852
IMF discusses possible new reserve currency to replace the U.S. dollar! 867
Snow falls in western North Dakota! 879
NRA refuses to oppose bill that supports federal gun grab! 888
While Amerikans suffer economically, Obama racks up $75,000 taxpayer bill for romantic getaway! 794
Fears mount that North Korea is preparing to attack! 893
Public servants declare themselves above the law! 926
Supreme leader of Iran says Muslim nations hate Amerika! 802
Britain’s government is on the brink of collapse! 830
Germany blasts powers of the Federal Reserve! 861
Government halts plan to help banks clear their books! 924
U.S. report finds significant airstrike errors in Afghan deaths! 813
Al Gore's global warming profit motive! 937
Obama should resign! 920
Eastern Michigan staggered by an estimated 6,600 GM job losses! 864
Citigroup stuck with Bernanke offer that rival banks plan to refuse! 857
Amerikan Injustice Files: Obama regime orders career lawyers to back off voter intimidation case! 948
Court denies Monsanto injunction against GMO suspension! 800
Cancer patient held at U.S. airport due to missing fingerprint! 850
Queen Elizabeth fuming at being left out of D-Day events! 991
Contract worker charged with pissing on IRS! 922
A better life beckons… in Africa! 958
North Korea tests 2 short-range missiles! 889
A patriotic view of Memorial Day! 828
Cocaine found in Red Bull energy drink! 852
North Korea confirms nuclear test! 875
Government to dictate no more lamb roasts because sheep burp too much! 854
GM bondholders try to salvage investments! 925
Japan is close to Depression as prospect of returning deflation increases! 973
Cheney ordered Hariri assassination! 949
Swine flu outbreak exposes military plans! 849
Former White House lawyer says Cheney is daring the United States to indict him! 875
Germany denies most evil patent ever requested! 901
General Motors to focus on cheaper imports while slashing U.S. jobs! 797
U.S. journalist claims Cheney ordered the Bhutto assassination! 858
Obama attempts to ward off disastrous military air strike on Teheran! 825
Greek nationalists protest Bilderberg Group meeting! 854
Banks that have not taken U.S. government bailout money! 1126
Paulson memo warned banks to take aid or be exposed! 973
Senators consider soda tax to help fund health care overhaul! 951
Girl run over by her own SUV during ‘ghost ride’ stunt! 936
College student shoots and kills masked invaders! 953
HD TV is set up for mind control! 1115
Very interesting stuff! 833
Free cars for welfare recipients fuel public outrage! 1166
More madman management: Feds pressure TARP CEOs to resign! 897
IMF says it expects a severe recession in Asia! 844
Leaked Agenda: Bilderberg group plans economic Depression! 1130
Saakashvili makes unsubstantiated claim that Georgia foiled a government coup by Russia! 858
Ron Paul speaks out to Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke! 1078
Swiss bank warns that stock market rally does not mean the worst is over for global economy! 873
China orders officials to smoke! 877
Environmentally friendly lightbulbs poison workers! 849
Russia deploys troops along Georgia's internal border! 834
China cancels U.S. credit card! 890
Mexico plans shutdown as world health alert is raised! 811
Globalist paranoia prompts warnings of worldwide threat! 962
Proof that Obama is ineligible to be president! 1273
Too late to stop the spread of swine flu? 948
Reagan's DOJ prosecuted Texas sheriff for waterboarding prisoners! 936
New swine flu feared to be weaponized strain! 943
Switzerland offers to sign tax treaty with U.S.! 838
Swine flu deaths spark worldwide health alert! 802
Mexico claims power restrict personal travel due to concern over swine flu! 824
Link found between genetically modified organisms and deadly tuberculosis! 886
Obama converts Amerika to socialism! 824
UK government hikes top income tax rate to 50 percent! 825
U.S. cities increasing use of armed mercenaries to replace police! 924
Bush legal adviser called war criminal during debate! 829
Obama to sign landmark national-service measure! 829
High risk of fraud in government bailout plan! 936
Scientists now say that obesity causes global warming! 825
Blackwater mercenaries not yet out of Iraq! 917
Are Israel and U.S. preparing for war with Iran? 933
Weatherman calls global warming greatest scam in history! 887
Chemtrails - The Latest Assault on Us 900
Chinese put spy chips in U.S. aircraft! 990
Your tax dollars at work! 913
You are being lied to about pirates! 920
Greenpeace claims about Antarctic ice shelf ignore scientific reality! 944
Hunters planning to kill 338,000 seals! 883
Moody’s downgrades Berkshire Hathaway! 989
Mayor says NYC must lay off thousands more! 883
General Motors bankruptcy plan being developed! 1075
Report calls CIA detainee treatment inhuman! 867
Federal Reserve governor says U.S. economy is in a panic! 889
Day two of Bulgarian anti-government protests! 901
More than 150 killed in Italy earthquake! 940
Teacher hit by car after pushing a woman and her daughters out of the way! 839
Ohio teen tells how she saved old man from drowning! 909
Scientists discover active thermitic material in World Trade Center dust! 894
Mystery computer virus Conficker threatens to wreak havoc! 976
United Nations global climate change plan would cause an economic earthquake! 988
Child caught by neighbor after falling three storeys! 1024
Political blow for Gordon Brown as world leaders prepare to stall at G20 summit! 1003
Japan prepares to shoot down North Korean satellite! 870
Stupid criminal robs cop! 1015
PETA killed 95 percent of adoptable pets in its care! 854
The Patriot Judge Speaks: Can Congress write any laws it wants? 1025
Cities deal with a surge in shantytowns! 927
More than 600 architects say 9/11 was an inside job! 909
Imperialist U.S. threatens to destroy North Korea satellite! 896
Illegitimate Obama regime unveils financial system overhaul! 925
Three men die trying to saw through Vietnam war-era bomb! 984
Monsanto's many attempts to destroy all seeds but their own! 1129
Global warming simply no longer happening! 945
Heart attack doesn't stop surgeon from completing operation! 1011
U.S. Treasury notes are a 'disaster waiting to happen'! 904
Cold weather strands global warming scientists! 1069
St. Patrick Tidbits! 910
Stupid student discusses natural born citizen requirement! (Unbelievable!) 1099
Scientist forces Al Gore to back down on global warming! 912
AIG likely won’t be able to pay taxpayers back! 946
The second-hand smoke con job! 1188
Chuck Baldwin: Remembering the Alamo! 886
Wal-Mart to open Hispanic stores in the United States! 950
Treasury seeks $100 billion to aid foreign nations! 956
One in 50 American children experiences homelessness! 1019
Concerns arise over safety of cervical cancer vaccine after 1,300 experience adverse side effects! 960
Obama makes Oval Office call to reporters! 996
Scientists meet to dispute global warming theory! 957
Burping worms may contribute to climate change! 993
Obama going gray after only 44 days in the White House! 881
General Motors auditors raise substantial possibility of bankruptcy! 983
German Minister wants DNA testing on dog poop! 1035
Pelosi snowed-out of global warming rally! 1046
Famed U.S. broadcaster Paul Harvey dies! 9333
Asian stock markets tumble on worsening U.S. slump! 969
AIG in talks with U.S. government for more bailout money! 972
Leave the Amerikan police state while you still can! 978
Genetically modified crop genes contaminate Mexican corn! 952
Arctic sea ice underestimated due to faulty sensor! 957
Flatulence tax to be imposed on farmers (no kidding)! 927
Man dies of human variant mad cow disease after receiving tainted transfusion! 1026
Israel launches covert war against Iran! 1005
Former astronaut says global warming is bogus science! 1035
Householders to be charged for each toilet flush! 934
Dinosaur images noticed in temple ruin! 1154
Virtual raping video game shows disgusting lack of morals in modern society! 1170
Court says measles vaccine not to blame for autism! 1022
Mexican drug violence spills over into the United States! 932
Top of luxury hotel explodes in flames! 1048
Wall Street executives use bailout money to pay hookers! 960
Toilet float had sinister look so bomb squad was called! 1091
Parents find cure for son's blood disorder despite medical advice! 1000
Common Sense Victory: Irish politician bans TV ads about global warming! 1027
Genetic mapping of babies by 2019 will transform preventive medicine! 942
Post-Soviet nations to form military force! 907
The Posse Comitatus Act and Homeland Security 846
Parisians take to scavenging! 947
Toyota shuts down all but one assembly line! 952
Some scientists say snow is consistent with global warming! 929
Libyan leader vows to federalize Africa! 947
Australia facing debt-driven Depression! 1020
England shuts down due to unexpected six-inch snowfall! 989
Lost thief holes up in bank lavatory! 1010
Theologian calls for Pope Benedict to resign! 988
Bank of America uses bailout money to sponsor Super Bowl carnival! 992
French Minister suggests global governance is the only solution to world financial crisis! 1013
Sewage yields more gold than top mines! 971
In latest scare tactic, Gore warns that global warming will bring down civilization! 1001
Venice goes online to ease toilet pay pain! 922
Government bars debtors from traveling abroad! 936
Man attacks his lawyer in court with feces! 971
Driver crash-lands car on church roof! 940
Global warming hearing put on ice! 1002
Police arrest goat for armed robbery! 979
Say no to cops: A brief case for reduction and elimination! 990
North Korea steps up warnings against South! 874
Al Gore ice sculpture unveiled! 1176
Washington mobilizes 42,500-strong security force for inauguration/coronation! 938
Israel reportedly executing parents in front of their children! 882
Say no to cops: A brief case for reduction and elimination of police! 1064
Record snowfall and plunging temperatures! 1026
Century-old record low falls as 19 below zero hits eastern United States! 1005
Poisonous pharmaceuticals and hormones found in U.S. drinking water! 981
New U.S. visa rules unfriendly to business travelers! 1132
Earth on the brink of an Ice Age! 1162
Pakistan deploys additional troops along border with India! 1017
UK and Europe hit with riots over Israel's Gaza campaign! 915
Astronaut Jack Schmitt joins global warming skeptics! 943
Police State Tactics: Martial Law in Los Angeles! 1001
Rocket attacks jolt Israel as Gaza war blazes on! 910
Israel escalates offensive into Gaza cities! 896
Demonstrations over Gaza violence continue worldwide! 955
Israel has no right to exist! (this is not antisemitic commentary) 1023
Sea ice ends year at same level as 1979! 966
Iraqi troops take charge of Baghdad's Green Zone! 964
Judge admonishes lesbian couple against harming children! 1024
Dead Palestinian children have names! 986
Professor suggests military planning to use troops against Americans! 1062
Houston red-light cameras blamed for wreck increase! 947
Thousands storm Israeli embassy in London! 954
Protestors demand end to Israeli raids in Gaza! 932
Arab protesters demand response to Gaza! 1139
IAF warplanes seen flying over Lebanon! 953
Iran begins preparing operations against Israel! 1063
Russian professor predicts end of the United States by 2010! 945
Scientists eye swarm of Yellowstone earthquakes with concern! 1116
South Ossetia claims Georgia is moving tanks close to border! 918
YouTube places CIA recruitment ads on Alex Jones search results! 1046
Army document proves U.S. is world’s number one sponsor of terrorism! 1055
Jumbo snow globes + sunlight = consumer hazard! 990
Christmas mass only for church members! 1003
American soldiers dying of lung cancer may have been knowingly exposed to toxins! 963
India steps up vigil along Rajasthan border! 866
Toyota expects its first loss in 70 years! 1124
Bank of Spain chief says world faces total financial meltdown! 1024
Russia tariff protest widens into broad discontent! 1105
Crimes by air marshals raise questions about hiring! 931
A Little Gun History Lesson 1114
Thousands of rioters attack police in China! 1021
Buffett's Berkshire falls most in 23 years! 1036
More than one million children have been added to the DNA database! 1007
Japan slips into recession! 1069
Purified urine to be astronauts' drinking water! 1010
Arkansas police say burglars sold a stolen silver ingot for 30 dollars! 1035
America's Corrupt Legal System - A danger to visitors, travelers, and Americans, too! 1138
War is a racket! 1017
Scientists claim we are heading towards a new Ice Age! 981
General Motors spends 17 million dollars per year on Viagra! 1036
Vladimir Putin seeking to depose Georgian President Saakashvili! 1014
Germany slides into recession! 1113
Intel shocks Wall Street with revenue warning! 1087
Federal Reserve defies Congress by refusing to disclose how bailout money is being spent! 1030
U.S. dramatically boosts aid package for AIG at taxpayer expense! 1041
Assault began with argument over Obama! 1060
Councilman vows to quit alcohol after public urination bust! 1035
The History of Veterans Day! 994
Man super-glued to toilet seat! 984
Stocks slide while Toyota warns of unprecedented crisis! 1116
Mayor Bloomberg says promised property tax rebate is off the table! 1046
Massive waves a mystery at Maine harbor! 993
World’s biggest banks expect difficult financial markets! 938
U.S. economy set to turn towards socialist path! 948
Carlyle Group bidding for Lehman money management! 1107
Internet filter to cause worldwide wait for Aussies! 999
Obama’s affinity for Marxists dates back to college days! 1298
IMF prepares 10 billion dollar bailout as Hungary teeters! 956
IMF has six days to save Pakistan from financial ruin! 988
Foreclosure angel saves stranger's home! 977
Obama's birth certificate sealed by Hawaii governor! 1014
Obama belonged to socialist New Party! 1101
Foreclosure filings spike 71 percent! 995
Treasury Secretary says there are difficult months ahead for U.S. economy! 957
More banks report threatening letters! 1095
U.S. Treasury official says situation is grim! 1033
There was less ice in Arctic Ocean 6000-7000 years ago! 1001
Action Alert: White sugar now coming from genetically modified sugar beets! 1201
545 people! 1102
Lee Iacocca: Where is your outrage? 1056
Just stop paying your mortgage! 1140
Dow ends up in a rollercoaster day for stocks! 986
Poll workers clash at nursing home! 1030
Man tries to pay for fast food meal with marijuana! 1029
World governments bailout banks! 1072
Nationalization fears surface as ministers prepare to control banks! 998
National ID card implementation plans in crisis due to revolt! 1090
Obama's Magic! 977
Representative James Traficant's report on the bankruptcy of the United States! 1046
Texas becomes roadblock battleground! 1068
Stanislav Yevgrafovich Petrov: The Man Who Saved the World! 1191
U.S. debt clock runs out of digits! 1046
AIG executives get paid resort vacation after bailout angers! 1021
Fed to hold derivative clearance talks! 993
Wall Street tumbles amid global sell-off! 964
Markets tumble as banking fears spread across Europe! 1048
Lehman Brothers CEO attacked at gym! 1199
Leaderless Resistance 987
Fortis assets sale looks set to collapse! 1060
Zimbabweans overwhelm banks seeking cash! 990
Snow discovered on Mars! 1143
Citigroup will buy Wachovia's banking operations! 1005
Gold and silver dealer reports unprecedented shortage of metals! 1050
The Invisible $19 Trillion Depository Trust Company 1341
The unknown 20 trillion dollar company! 1105
The Last Trench 1004
United States to issue unprecedented DEFCON 1 alert! 2049
U.S. will lose financial superpower status! 1083
China banks halt lending to U.S. banks! 1046
Suspicious hot dogs prompt evacuations at Phillies ballpark! 1093
Millions of people spend half their earnings on housing! 1177
CEO murdered by mob of Indian workers he had fired! 1064
Animal rights group urges Ben & Jerry's to use human breast milk in their ice cream! 1136
General Motors stock lowered deeper into junk status! 1030
Homeschooling surges in the United States! 911
Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to become holding companies! 1059
Dollar may get crushed as traders weigh cost of bailout! 942
Surprise spring snowfalls blanket tropical region! 1026
Israeli Prime Minister formally resigns! 1091
China newspaper urges new currency! 966
Cockroaches rain down on officer and cover child in house of filth! 983
Man killed while trying to steal copper cable carrying 11,000 volts! 1058
Man gets hit by train while posing for picture! 1077
Firefighter saves cat with mouth-to-mouth! 966
Postman hoards 20,000 letters in Germany! 1023
Unwitting trio smuggles depleted uranium into China! 1009
New Pakistan president takes office! 1037
Olmert could go to prison! 1096
United Nations says eat less meat to curb global warming! 1097
Greek youths rob supermarket, then hand out food to the hungry! 1063
Arctic sees massive gain in ice coverage! 999
Hailstorm turns tropical Kenya white! 1119
Sun makes history with first spotless month in a century! 914
Pigs granted shower rights! 1060
Burglary suspect trapped in portable toilet! 1089
Russia warns NATO over build-up of warships in Black Sea! 1038
Russia threatens United States with military action! 1289
Kashmir on the brink of conflict while India scrambles for solution! 1043
Country ordered to pay damages for sailor's suicide because his superiors insulted him! 984
North plains states may see patchy frost tonight! 1116
Alexander Solzhenitsyn 1918-2008 10512
Sheriff goes to jail for an education! 1103
World War II interrogators obtained needed information without using torture! 1075
Farmers Almanac predicts ice-cold winter ahead! 1063
79 million Americans struggle to pay medical bills! 973
Vaccines found to cause diabetes in children! 948
Court gives green light to "boobs on bikes" parade! 986
Russian troops start pullout from South Ossetia capital! 998
Bastard cop lets dog die so he can issue speeding ticket! 1035
Disproof of global warming hype published! 1011
FLASHBACK:Civics student or enemy of the State? 1026
Musharraf resignation imminent! 1013
Syria reportedly wary of Israeli Defense Force drill! 1168
JPMorgan struck by $1.5 billion writedown! 1088
Medal winner asks government to “do the right thing” (not likely!) and forget tax on winnings! 983
Thirteen killed as Indian Kashmir violence escalates! 1110
Russian troops begin ground invasion of Georgia as defiant Putin lashes out at U.S! 1039
FLASHBACK: Israel backs Georgia against Russia in Caspian oil pipeline battle! 1127
Three major U.S. naval strike forces due this week in Persian Gulf! 992
Llama fetus witch doctor ritual to help president! 1043
Illegal alien boyfriend arrested in death of two-year-old! 950
Waterboarding now an amusement park attraction! 1036
Georgia is preparing to go to war with Russia! 1019
English Lord puts his life up for sale on eBay! 968
Pakistan coalition to impeach President Musharraf! 959
Beer and spies: "Stasi pub" divides Berliners! 979
Tens of thousands mark 63rd anniversary of atomic bombing! 1058
Brazilian Supreme Court warns of civil war in Amazon region! 926
U.S. junk-bond defaults may quadruple! 1068
Royal Bank of Scotland to post record loss! 1020
Russians mourn dissident hero Solzhenitsyn! 1110
Private LaVena Lynn Johnson was raped and murdered by U.S. Army personnel! 1167
Economic professor says bank regulators should investigate themselves! 934
Speculation over the existence of a back door in Skype! 913
School to put students in prison jumpsuits as punishment! 1015
Attorney General asks Congress to take dramatic steps to subvert the Constitution! 1083
Israeli Prime Minister to resign! 1103
International Monetary Fund sees weak U.S. economy through 2009! 1045
General Motors plans to cut 15 percent of U.S. and Canadian salaried workers! 906
U.S. inflation predicted at 6 percent by autumn 2008! 1101
Merrill Lynch forced to take emergency action ahead of writedown! 985
City home prices fall by 15.8%! 1125
Starbucks to shut majority of its Australian stores! 980
Inside the FBI's nationwide eavesdropping network! 1065
84-year-old man wounds intruder and defends his home! 1017
U.S. credit crisis is hitting the wealthy! 1005
ANZ Bank says full-year profit lowest in 16 years! 875
Price increases plague discount shoppers! 968
They told us so… 1073
National Australia Bank decision will shock Wall Street! 1029
Ford posts second-quarter loss of $8.7 billion 1048
General Motors and Ford are on the verge of bankruptcy! 1082
Wachovia loses $8.9 billion, eliminates over 10,000 jobs and cuts dividends! 962
Merrill Lynch cuts 2009 U.S. GDP forecast! 1022
Bluetooth Big Brother uses mobiles and laptops to track thousands of Britons! 906
80% of Britons think country is heading for recession! 1015
French police probe missing plastic explosives! 960
American Express profit falls on higher defaults! 1003
Investors worldwide betting more than one trillion dollars on a collapse in American stock prices! 1166
UBS closes Swiss accounts of U.S. clients! 959
Merrill Lynch set to reveal another loss! 963
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Spain admits country faces worst economic crisis in its history! 967
Bank of England chief sees rocky ride ahead for economy! 981
Is Russia going to war? 1060
Dollar dips to new low against the euro! 942
Confidence weakens in U.S. banking sector! 936
China may change unfavorable weather for Olympics! 975
6700 tons of radioactive debris shipped from Kuwait to Idaho! 1079
Russian oil giant Gazprom connects to Iran! 916
No Confidence in Tyranny! 1040
National City trading halted after stock takes a hit! 962
Hedge funds post worst first half in history! 975
Bush nominates neocon war apologist to U.S. propaganda board! 985
Tunneling intruder no match for homeowner and his dog! 963
More American Injustice: Charges dropped against deputy who dumped quadriplegic from wheelchair! 973
Russian President Medvedev on collision course with U.S. over missiles and Georgia! 1017
Government to brand toddlers who dislike spicy food as racist! 963
Financial crisis wipes $1 trillion from stocks! 989
Bush's Independence Day speech interrupted by protesters! 973
Outlook darker as hundreds of thousands of jobs are lost! 998
Surveillance doesn’t prevent criminal activity! 898
Citigroup to cut ten percent of investment banking jobs! 922
Chrysler to shut minivan plant as sales slump! 987
Lehman drops to eight-year low! 1101
OPEC president anticipates crude oil at $170 a barrel this year! 832
Motorists forced to let officers draw blood samples at DUI stops! 1065
And you think gas prices are high! 925
U.S. builds four bases on Iraq-Iran border! 940
Fat people now being blamed for global warming! 1049
George Carlin, freedom lover and dean of counterculture comedy, dies at 71 952
Man in wheelchair (not in vehicle) charged with drunk driving! 1049
Fierce clashes rage in north Lebanon! 1218
Citigroup to cut ten percent of investment banking jobs! 892
Bank of America sees $3.5 billion writedown at Merrill and $7 billion at UBS! 1015
New poll indicates most Britons doubt cause of climate change! 1010
Walter Williams: Avoiding Tyrants and Idiots! 1005
Russia warns Georgia that detaining peacekeepers may end in bloodshed! 1035
United States plans to neutralize Russian nuclear weapons by 2012-2015! 934
Pentagon promoted abusive tactics and torture during interrogations! 894
27 levees could overflow if sandbags fail! 1074
Disposable Heroes: Veterans used to test suicide-linked drugs! 932
Bank robberies increase throughout the United States! 924
Iran withdraws $75 billion from Europe! 1021
Lehman Brothers posts $2.87 billion second quarter loss! 955
Village re-elects dead mayor! 1133
Scientists discover bugs that eat waste and excrete fuel! 1032
Canadian acquitted in shooting death of policeman! 995
Poll says Mexicans view U.S. political leaders negatively! 868
Ireland derails bid to recast Europe’s rules! 1023
Police chief doesn’t care about citizens, wants tools of murder in the hands of his officers! 956
McClellan says Dick Cheney is a goon! 961
Trip home highlights changes brought by illegal immigration! 988
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is a criminal! 1794
The New Communism 1027
Iran warns of "painful" response if Israel attacks! 914
Efforts growing to repeal the Real ID Act! 1057
Ruling Bhutto party calls for President Musharraf to be tried for treason! 981
Courageous actor Omar Sharif speaks the truth that Americans are an ignorant people! 1065
Former Prime Minister John Howard accused of war crimes over Iraq troop deployment! 928
Lehman's capital needs spark return of credit jitters! 1004
Dutch man injures posterior in mooning accident! 1066
Swiss scientists question official 9/11 version! 994
Florida man has water-powered car in the works! 1613
Australian Prime Minister attacks decision to join war in Iraq! 940
Japan firms post Y1.9 trillion in subprime losses! 952
Former German Foreign Minister says the United States and Israel will attack Iran! 998
Climate-bond plan by United Nations official aims to boost energy investing! 1055
Pakistan coalition agrees to expel Musharraf! 942
Georgian minister says Russia is arming rebels for war! 935
Czech President challenges Al Gore to a global warming debate - Gore remains silent! 1021
Group wants Wi-Fi banned from public buildings! 979
International charity reports widespread sexual abuse of children by U.N. troops and aid staff! 993
Tony Blair met by anti-war protesters during speech at Yale University! 908
South American nations found a union! 1007
U.S. and French warships arrive in Somali! 983
U.S. terror attack seen by some as likely to follow November election! 986
Federal Land Grab: Proposed change to water law riles landowners! 958
U.S. plan to frame Iranians with false evidence fails! 1146
Terrorist Israeli soldiers destroy Gaza agriculture sector and kill Palestinian farmers! 978
Lost parrot tells veterinarian his address! 1137
Shades of Dr. Frankenstein: Ministers back creation of human-animal embryos! 968
White House denies Iran attack report! 1042
Israeli Prime Minister suspected of taking envelopes full of cash! 940
200 Chinese relief workers buried by mudslides! 1036
Egyptian foreign minister says U.S. is fueling Middle East turmoil! 1015
31,000 scientists reject 'global warming' agenda! 1053
The Bushes and Hitler's appeasement! 996
Refitting the presidency to the Constitution! 1006
Accident victim's family sues government dispatch! 1109
Man dies falling from building during spitting contest! 1027
Man uses gun for backscratcher and shoots himself! 919
Senate votes to roll back FCC rule that loosens media ownership restriction! 1240
Passport cards called security vulnerable! 1026
Tornadoes kill 21, injure hundreds in U.S! 1071
Afghanistan hit by plague of locusts! 1022
From BADD to WERSE - a Freedom Dialogue! 1250
Grad student declares Boston University "illegitimate" for blocking 9/11 and impeachment inquiries! 1089
Procter and Gamble asks if you approve of homosexuality! 1062
Georgia very close to war with Russia! 1057
Scotland Yard surveillance chief says billions spent on CCTV failed to cut crime! 958
Journalist released from Gitmo calls it 'most heinous place mankind has ever known'! 941
May blizzard shuts down parts of South Dakota! 1001
Structural engineers publicly challenge official explanation for the destruction of WTC! 951
Wyoming county sheriffs bust Big Brother! 1009
F.D.A. tries to spin Heparin contamination as terrorist act! 1372
Centex posts $910.5 million quarterly loss! 1093
Paper into Gold - The Perfect Plan 1133
Warren Buffett says recession may be worse than feared! 1048
151 congressmen derive financial profit from war! 1215
Shocking forecast predicts gasoline may soon cost ten dollars a gallon! 1034
No Joke: Adolf Hitler doll which comes with a change of clothes - and a spare head with a kind face! 1201
Prisoner count in U.S. dwarfs that of all other nations! 1005
German schoolboy corrects NASA - 100 times more likely that coming asteroid will hit the earth! 1099
Green tax on motorists rakes in £4bn while reducing vehicle emissions only one percent! 1313
Penis theft panic hits city! (adult content) 1071
Homemade robot vigilante patrols in Atlanta! 1018
Gore misleads public by using fictional video to demonstrate that global warming really exists! 1054
Controversial Hitler ad ordered off TV! 1144
Puffer fish kills eight and hospitalizes 170! 1134
Officer's improper use of Taser triggers fire in man's pants! 956
Opening soon in Baghdad: largest U.S. embassy in the world! 1127
As Australia dries, the world suffers! 1031
Pharmaceutical Philandering: Merck wrote drug studies for doctors! 1180
Merrill-Lynch set for more write-downs from CDO binge! 1039
Food Irradiation Plot: USDA seeks to turn live foods into dead foods! 1240
Fourth-largest U.S. bank resorts to emergency fundraising! 1044
Former CIA official says U.S. is losing the war in Afghanistan! 1033
Nobody wants to hire former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales! 1035
U.S. banks Citigroup and Merrill Lynch reveal fresh $15bn loss! 1056
Brown in record poll slide! 1014
World's most expensive coffee at £50 a cup is made from cat droppings! 1045
Soros says credit crisis losses to top $1 trillion! 1068
Violence against border agents up 47% in past 6 months! 927
IMF puts cost of credit crisis at $1 trillion! 1073
Morgan Stanley CEO expects credit crisis to last! 1093
FBI has national eavesdropping program that tracks instant messages, emails and cell phones! 1094
Iranian president wants OPEC off U.S. dollars! 1122
Egyptian workers riot over rising prices! 969
Iran, Syria and Lebanon on military alert over U.S. Gulf movements and Israel’s home defense drill! 1028
Former Iraq weapons inspector says White House now preparing for war in Iran! 965
Witchdoctor killings condemned! 1121
Nine-year-olds plotted to tie up and hurt teacher! 1079
Australians break undersea ironing record! 1152
Live on Good Mourning TV! 1029
Pizza driver who shot robber overwhelmed with citizen support! 1122
India stops selling rice as costs soar! 1073
Truckers protesting high fuel prices! 1004
Gore's organization to spend $300M on climate change campaign! 1092
Jobs vanish, prices rise, and food stamp use nears record! 1170
Bush booed as he throws inaugural pitch at baseball home opener! 1068
How the Celtic peoples were enslaved by Babylonian tyrants! 1040
Bush proposes plan to expand powers of Federal Reserve! 964
Blackwater disease spreading across Iraq! 1219
Arizona lawmakers balk at new Real ID Act-compliant driver’s licenses! 1180
Is fate of U.S. surge in Iraq about to unravel? 1084
Over 70,000 deaths and 1 million disabilities among American soldiers attributed to Iraq war! 1133
Food stamp use hits all-time high in Ohio! 1133
Criminal charges filed against Detroit mayor for lying under oath! 1133
Mounties strip details from Taser reports! 1106
Easter Sunday or Ishtar Pagan Day 1133
Montana Governor claims victory over Homeland Security and Real ID! 1172
Comcast cameras will be watching you! 1053
Computer problems threaten 2010 Census! 1000
FLASHBACK: Bruce Willis comments on who really killed JFK! 1980
Republican Predators 1456
China admits to shooting rioters dead! 1034
Swiss bank Credit Suisse warns no profits expected in first quarter! 1120
Soaring food prices anger Egyptians! 989
Wheat price rises outpace oil price increases! 1124
Dollars tough to sell on streets of Amsterdam! 1118
Here comes the worldwide currency debasement! 1028
Kosovo clashes force UN pullout! 1093
Gulf central banks urged to sever links with tumbling U.S. dollar! 1095
Dollar sell-off gathers pace! 1009
Red Cross says millions of Iraqis lack water! 1106
Russia may bring its troops to Kosovo to protect Serbs! 1008
From BADD to WERSE - a Freedom Dialogue! 1051
Abolish the Federal Reserve! 1140
Foreclosure crisis has domino effect! 1125
Market forces propel the rising cost for groceries nationwide! 1049
International experts foresee collapse of U.S. economy! 1106
U.S. consumer borrowing rose, led by credit cards! 1054
California schools to teach communist overthrow of our government! 1064
FLASHBACK: Dick Cheney says neither Saddam Hussein nor Osama bin Laden committed 911 terror attacks! 1224
Doctors interrogate children as informants on parents' behavior! 1059
Weather Channel founder suggests suing Al Gore for global warming fraud! 1077
Cyber-rebels in Cuba defy state’s limits! 1109
Introducing the world's smallest gun that fires deadly 300mph bullets - but is just TWO inches long! 1240
U.S. deploys troop advisers in Pakistan! 1179
Vultures are ripping apart roofs and chewing cars but federal law prohibits stopping them! 1166
Case renews debate on vaccine-autism link! 1002
More FBI privacy violations confirmed! 1035
Current account balance of every country on Earth (U.S. is last)! 1267
Brain control headset for gamers! 1082
Digital Tattoo Interface merges man and machine! 1270
Civil rights have eroded in Putin's Russia! 1132
Wholesale prices jump in January! 1251
U.S. home foreclosures jump 90% as mortgages reset! 1066
Rising inflation creates unease in Middle East! 1079
Turkish raid strains U.S.-Kurd ties! 1066
France, the UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia secretly launch their first joint war game! 1060
U.S. can attack Russia in 2012-2015! 1265
Cryptic notes left at vandalized banks! 1082
Wall Street banks prepare for multibillion-dollar losses! 1202
U.S. banks quietly borrow massive amounts from Federal Reserve! 1111
An open letter to Hillary Clinton from a college alumna! 1246
Commentary: Our Differences - Muslims and the West 1303
Gold price soars on South African power cuts! 1155
The Social Security beneficiary is a ward of the State! 1333
Gold price soars on South Africa power cuts! 1231
Giant rat that once roamed the earth! 1286
George W. Bush, White House told 935 lies after September 11! 1440
Russian scientist says Earth could soon face new Ice Age! 1226
Brilliant chess master and world-class eccentric Bobby Fischer dies! 1189
British veterans get compensation and apology for forcible chemical testing conducted on them! 3140
Mid-East suffers rare cold snap! 4959
Hospital forces man to take rectal exam after hitting his head! 3014
Microsoft seeks patent for intrusive workplace technology! 7499
Banking Bust - More To Come! 2280
Largest increase in U.S. wholesale prices in 26 years! 1300
Waving at girls costs man his arm! 1188
Man goes out window with Christmas tree! 1254
Pakistan poll indicates many believe government had role in Bhutto's death! 1243
Courts rule against the Federal Reserve banks, IRS, and U.S. Government! 1546
Federal Reserve boosts next two special auctions to $30 billion! 1196
Nothing Patriotic About the USA PATRIOT Act! 1496
FBI loses wiretaps due to unpaid bills! 1223
Goldman Sachs warns of imminent U.S. recession! 1315
Congress gives itself a $4,000 pay raise! 1285
AT&T and other ISPs may be getting ready to filter the Internet! 1152
Report reveals Vietnam War hoaxes and faked attacks! 1148
Recession in the U.S. has arrived! 1196
George McGovern: Why I believe Bush must go! 1296
Ron Paul Awakens the Spirit of America! 1241
A cold spell soon to replace global warming! 1345
Crime of torture could only have been ordered by the president! 1177
National Health Service patients told to treat themselves! 1277
Airplane owners stunned by out-of-state taxes! 1179
Weird news stories from 2007! 1227
Congress empowers thought police! 1292
Dr. Stan Dale - a Great Man! 11146


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